Wednesday, June 4, 2008

couldnt sleep

s d title goes..
i couldnt sleep tho currently it is 1.55am in d morn
i shud b snoring in bed by now
but i am
wonder wuts been bothering me

y is it so hard to please ppl?
i dun intend to make all those surrounding me to love me
u can choose to love or to hate me
n i simply couldnt care less

but when those u love the most..
those whu said tht u r d only one tht matters..
those u think will put a smile on ur face when wut u really wnna do is to cry..
those u think u can count on when u r at ur wit end..
simply not wut they promised to be
it really shattered ur heart into pieces

i just need u to understand me
or is it me whu doesnt understand u?
tell me wut shud i do?

i'm very sorry for letting u down

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