Friday, October 1, 2010

sesi lompat bintang starts now!

weee. weee *lompat bintang 44 kali*

finally, i've submitted my thesis.
all my hardworks *cough* are coming to an end. and i hope this really is the end of it.
i dont want to think abt it anymore. lets wait another 2-3 yrs to start talking abt studies again ok.

so yeah, collected the submission letter kt HEP office then went to finance office to settle thesis fees. luckily x payah bayar and again felt like doing some chicken dance rite there p agak2 la kn. mau kene halau pulak.
then rushed to dean's office tetapi smpai pkul 12:03 min. office closed at 12!! damn yewwww..

so had to wait for 3 freaking hours since its friday. lunch hour is longer.

called my kakis and only kiah is available. so pakse-ed her to accompany me for some coffee but midvalley is out of list coz definitely jem mcm gile. so to the sphere we went.
and had extreme mocha at san francissco. ok la. xdpt daun akar pn jadi (betul ke perumpamaan ni eh?). sebat je la.

then lepak2 at her lab and at 3pm, went to submit the thesis and blk umah.


so wht's my plan ye. i'm gonna finish my e-novel i've downloaded last nite. titled 'Eat. Pray. Love.'
yeah you heard the title rite. i know the movie has came out in cinemas yesterday but wait la till i found my mangsa to accompany me watching it.

okla. i wnt to pray and get some rest. so tired!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

being independent is not a bad idea

pheww. so today gonna be the last time i went to upm to settle the theses thingy. (fingers crossed)
went out as early as 10.30 and despite not knowing the jalan from upm-um. i managed to reached um at exactly 12 pm. satu prestasi yg sgt membanggakn. serious rse mcm nk buat lompat bintang lps jmpe federal highway tu.

since 'daddy' bgtau meeting time lambat, i had no choice but to wait for him for 2 hours. so in the meantime, went to buy a drink then isi mase dgn mbace buku etnobotani (i'm such a nerd!). then suddenly hujan turun mencurah2 at around 1.30 and sangatla takutnye if had to go back dlm hujan. my vision is not so good wht more the car's viper mcm ade problem. luckily dlm pukul 2 cmtu hujan berenti.

i was starving and by the time i reached home at 3:30 pm, i felt lightheaded dan dh hampir tketar2. penat and super lapar. seriously driving is fun but i dont think we can get along very well. pinggang sgt sakit mcm dh terbengkok tulang belakang ni. and tht was just sg buloh-upm-um-sg buloh. penat mcm nk gile!

nway, insyaAllah klo xde ape2, jmaat ni lst settle some stuff kt um then i'm free for another 2+months. so what should i do in the meantime ye?

ok kne start cari keje dgn bsungguh2 skrg.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm officially broke..

yes people, today i declare tht i'm officially broke but i'm one happy lady!!
dont even know how to describe how happy i am.
suddenly feels like doing the chicken dance and lompat bintang. luckily stomach is so big so better not to do something useless and end up memalukn diri sndiri.

today i went to upm again and despite thumbdrive got virus and suddenly all files went missing i managed to print 5 set of theses, bind 3 copies and sent 2 copies of thesis to soft cover binding.
should finish by tomorrow.

i was surprised tht i still could remember the way to the shop. it was so easy and i even found a shortcut without having to go thru the perumahan site. tht made me double happy.

arrived at the shop, i tried to print the pics and luckily all come out well. so when i switched computer to print the rest of the theses, thumbdrive got infected by some viruses and all files went missing. clever me i didnt save a copy of the latest (more organised) folder in my laptop but all the files are scattered. so after bsusah payah a bit, i managed to finished everything. thts more important than anything else.

later went to another shop to have 2 copies to be soft cover-binded. and finished everything by 1-ish pm.
the whole process took about 1 and half hour. then i went straight home.
since i've known the jalan, i drove quite laju jst to get home. i'm just too tired. my back was aching and i tried to get some sleep coz i couldnt sleep well last nite but i jst cant. kn bgus if kt rumah got some small kids i would ask them to pijak2 blkg bdn ni. so sakit!
ni br drive pergi-blk ke serdang. imagine if i had to travel seremban-kl or mne2 yg jauh2. i'd die in a week max!
but i love driving. heheh. it just tht some reckless drivers pisses me off. i can drive recklessly too and u seriously wouldnt want tht to happen ok! (cheyy..ugut cm la berani wt stunt ke ape ke kn).

so anyway, tomorrow must go back to tht shop and went to um to get my sv's signature and settle some stuff there. if everything goes as planned, i should be able to send everything by friday.

now i jst have to google the way from upm-um. if not tomorrow might kne parkinson dan tak menemui jalan pulang pulak.

ok before i forgot, anyone interested in buying a kidney? healthy human kidney tht is. i thought to sell mine. hahaha. jk!

if baity knew this, she definitely gonna say her favourite phrase
'ni la die org menganggur yg terdesak sanggup melakukan ape shj'
hahaha. maybe i should save mine and sell hers instead.

Monday, September 27, 2010

hari ini saya berdikari

so, as the title goes. ye begitulah kisah hidup sekerat hari pada hari ini.
went to upm around 11-ish, freaked out coz i thot i already missed the junction so pulled over near mint hotel n called syam. luckily, i was on right path.

so arrived at upm's gate at 12. 30 mins earlier thn promised time. so while waiting, i listened to radio hoping tht no lorries or cars langgar buntut kereta since i parked quite near to the selekoh to enter upm. whteverr.
managed to camwhoring too. (wht else can i do? everyone was probably busy with own's stuff n i cant be bother to call them jst to get some makian, rite?)
ok2. jgn sentap.

so lps syam sampai, trus g tmpt for printing and binding in God-knows-where but i think i've been there b4 but knowing me with short memory span, i've forgotton most of the jln la obviously. so anyway, smpai sne syam tunjuk where to print where to bind etc and he bids his farewell. jmpe lg syam thn depan. thx ye!

and i did wht i'm supposed to do only to find out tht some pics didnt come out well. bcapuk2 mcm kne panau. wth. so decided to come back n suruh oboy print je la.
then phone pulak wt hal. suddenly died no battery wth i charged the phone the whole nite must be battery dh kong. nasib baik lps off for awhile, phone ok blk. sje nk wt cuak tau.

jalan balik adalah mcabar coz on our way to tht place, i simply followed syam's car n now i had to go back to main road on my own. luckily after sesat 1 simpang. managed to find the roundabout yg mule2. so okla.

on the way bck, hati sgt runsing. mcm2 dlm pikiran n i jst drove without paying attention to the road. nasib baik xde ape2 n xsesat. bwk mcm nk gile jgak la even though x sure sgt jln.

then dgn berani nye xmsuk tol jln duta sbb nk singgah jusco kepong to buy some A4 papers. i thot to reward myself with some coffee tp memikirkn keje xsettle, i opt for some blueberry cheese tarts je. lame x makan n i promise myself. lps hntr je thesis ni, i want to pegi mkn kek sorg2. or beli je blk umah br mkn, coz nnt feels like loser la pulak.

probably i am already a loser now. sigh. mne la pegi nye semangat yg hilang ini?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i need to scream my lungs out!

hi bloggie. been a long time since i wrote here.
i know, i know, i'm such a bad owner.
i even thought to abandon you, precisely, delete you.
but u see, i'm seriously depress right now and i've bothered to many people with my problems.
so i came back to you.
you wouldnt mind, would u?

pls dont. or else .. i jst dont know wht i would do without u.
i jst need a place where i can rant my heart out.
bear with me, will ya?

i think i'm going insane.
or probably i already am..

i have so much in mind but i seriously cant put them into words.
i made a decision, based on my heart but i did give it a thought beforehand. i think tht would be the best solution for those involved.
i knew it'll broke some hearts. or at least mine did. but i think..the sooner the better.

i felt guilty. and still feeling guilty.

and now, i am waiting for miracles to happen.
but something tells me tht it wont happen. and i'm crushed!
even if i cry blood, nothing changes.

i so badly want that miracle to happen.
i want to believe it will happen the way i want it to be.

gosh this is so hard. i dont even know who i am anymore.
i've lost myself to you.

pls, give me a sign.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


hola people!
wahlaweiii...lame nye x msuk sini. siriyes dh jadi mcm rumah hantu dh kt sini.
been almost a month no update wht so ever.
and i dont even know where to start..

sigh, i guess my blogging passion dh merosot menjunam teruk
i dont even know why i blog in the 1st place.
nway, see la if i got the time, i'll update regularly
sayang la if nk biarkn blog ni bkubur begitu sahaja
wpon isi tah ape2 n some of them mcm nk cmpak laut..but thts wht we call life

so okla for a start..been busy lately
jadual tido pon dh merapu gile
and i'm desperately searching for mood utk betulkn draft thesis.

anyway, would like to wish all mothers out there

love you much!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i miss..

hola bloggie!

sigh, sorry for not updating. dont worry i didnt abandon you
it just tht i was caught up in a lot of things

hm, dont know wht to type
i've got a lot of things running in my mind
but for now all i can say is

i dont want this week to end