Saturday, May 8, 2010


hola people!
wahlaweiii...lame nye x msuk sini. siriyes dh jadi mcm rumah hantu dh kt sini.
been almost a month no update wht so ever.
and i dont even know where to start..

sigh, i guess my blogging passion dh merosot menjunam teruk
i dont even know why i blog in the 1st place.
nway, see la if i got the time, i'll update regularly
sayang la if nk biarkn blog ni bkubur begitu sahaja
wpon isi tah ape2 n some of them mcm nk cmpak laut..but thts wht we call life

so okla for a start..been busy lately
jadual tido pon dh merapu gile
and i'm desperately searching for mood utk betulkn draft thesis.

anyway, would like to wish all mothers out there

love you much!!

1 comment:

s4m said...

y u don't update ur blog 4 so long?