Monday, September 27, 2010

hari ini saya berdikari

so, as the title goes. ye begitulah kisah hidup sekerat hari pada hari ini.
went to upm around 11-ish, freaked out coz i thot i already missed the junction so pulled over near mint hotel n called syam. luckily, i was on right path.

so arrived at upm's gate at 12. 30 mins earlier thn promised time. so while waiting, i listened to radio hoping tht no lorries or cars langgar buntut kereta since i parked quite near to the selekoh to enter upm. whteverr.
managed to camwhoring too. (wht else can i do? everyone was probably busy with own's stuff n i cant be bother to call them jst to get some makian, rite?)
ok2. jgn sentap.

so lps syam sampai, trus g tmpt for printing and binding in God-knows-where but i think i've been there b4 but knowing me with short memory span, i've forgotton most of the jln la obviously. so anyway, smpai sne syam tunjuk where to print where to bind etc and he bids his farewell. jmpe lg syam thn depan. thx ye!

and i did wht i'm supposed to do only to find out tht some pics didnt come out well. bcapuk2 mcm kne panau. wth. so decided to come back n suruh oboy print je la.
then phone pulak wt hal. suddenly died no battery wth i charged the phone the whole nite must be battery dh kong. nasib baik lps off for awhile, phone ok blk. sje nk wt cuak tau.

jalan balik adalah mcabar coz on our way to tht place, i simply followed syam's car n now i had to go back to main road on my own. luckily after sesat 1 simpang. managed to find the roundabout yg mule2. so okla.

on the way bck, hati sgt runsing. mcm2 dlm pikiran n i jst drove without paying attention to the road. nasib baik xde ape2 n xsesat. bwk mcm nk gile jgak la even though x sure sgt jln.

then dgn berani nye xmsuk tol jln duta sbb nk singgah jusco kepong to buy some A4 papers. i thot to reward myself with some coffee tp memikirkn keje xsettle, i opt for some blueberry cheese tarts je. lame x makan n i promise myself. lps hntr je thesis ni, i want to pegi mkn kek sorg2. or beli je blk umah br mkn, coz nnt feels like loser la pulak.

probably i am already a loser now. sigh. mne la pegi nye semangat yg hilang ini?

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