Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm officially broke..

yes people, today i declare tht i'm officially broke but i'm one happy lady!!
dont even know how to describe how happy i am.
suddenly feels like doing the chicken dance and lompat bintang. luckily stomach is so big so better not to do something useless and end up memalukn diri sndiri.

today i went to upm again and despite thumbdrive got virus and suddenly all files went missing i managed to print 5 set of theses, bind 3 copies and sent 2 copies of thesis to soft cover binding.
should finish by tomorrow.

i was surprised tht i still could remember the way to the shop. it was so easy and i even found a shortcut without having to go thru the perumahan site. tht made me double happy.

arrived at the shop, i tried to print the pics and luckily all come out well. so when i switched computer to print the rest of the theses, thumbdrive got infected by some viruses and all files went missing. clever me i didnt save a copy of the latest (more organised) folder in my laptop but all the files are scattered. so after bsusah payah a bit, i managed to finished everything. thts more important than anything else.

later went to another shop to have 2 copies to be soft cover-binded. and finished everything by 1-ish pm.
the whole process took about 1 and half hour. then i went straight home.
since i've known the jalan, i drove quite laju jst to get home. i'm just too tired. my back was aching and i tried to get some sleep coz i couldnt sleep well last nite but i jst cant. kn bgus if kt rumah got some small kids i would ask them to pijak2 blkg bdn ni. so sakit!
ni br drive pergi-blk ke serdang. imagine if i had to travel seremban-kl or mne2 yg jauh2. i'd die in a week max!
but i love driving. heheh. it just tht some reckless drivers pisses me off. i can drive recklessly too and u seriously wouldnt want tht to happen ok! (cheyy..ugut cm la berani wt stunt ke ape ke kn).

so anyway, tomorrow must go back to tht shop and went to um to get my sv's signature and settle some stuff there. if everything goes as planned, i should be able to send everything by friday.

now i jst have to google the way from upm-um. if not tomorrow might kne parkinson dan tak menemui jalan pulang pulak.

ok before i forgot, anyone interested in buying a kidney? healthy human kidney tht is. i thought to sell mine. hahaha. jk!

if baity knew this, she definitely gonna say her favourite phrase
'ni la die org menganggur yg terdesak sanggup melakukan ape shj'
hahaha. maybe i should save mine and sell hers instead.

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