Wednesday, September 29, 2010

being independent is not a bad idea

pheww. so today gonna be the last time i went to upm to settle the theses thingy. (fingers crossed)
went out as early as 10.30 and despite not knowing the jalan from upm-um. i managed to reached um at exactly 12 pm. satu prestasi yg sgt membanggakn. serious rse mcm nk buat lompat bintang lps jmpe federal highway tu.

since 'daddy' bgtau meeting time lambat, i had no choice but to wait for him for 2 hours. so in the meantime, went to buy a drink then isi mase dgn mbace buku etnobotani (i'm such a nerd!). then suddenly hujan turun mencurah2 at around 1.30 and sangatla takutnye if had to go back dlm hujan. my vision is not so good wht more the car's viper mcm ade problem. luckily dlm pukul 2 cmtu hujan berenti.

i was starving and by the time i reached home at 3:30 pm, i felt lightheaded dan dh hampir tketar2. penat and super lapar. seriously driving is fun but i dont think we can get along very well. pinggang sgt sakit mcm dh terbengkok tulang belakang ni. and tht was just sg buloh-upm-um-sg buloh. penat mcm nk gile!

nway, insyaAllah klo xde ape2, jmaat ni lst settle some stuff kt um then i'm free for another 2+months. so what should i do in the meantime ye?

ok kne start cari keje dgn bsungguh2 skrg.

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