Friday, October 1, 2010

sesi lompat bintang starts now!

weee. weee *lompat bintang 44 kali*

finally, i've submitted my thesis.
all my hardworks *cough* are coming to an end. and i hope this really is the end of it.
i dont want to think abt it anymore. lets wait another 2-3 yrs to start talking abt studies again ok.

so yeah, collected the submission letter kt HEP office then went to finance office to settle thesis fees. luckily x payah bayar and again felt like doing some chicken dance rite there p agak2 la kn. mau kene halau pulak.
then rushed to dean's office tetapi smpai pkul 12:03 min. office closed at 12!! damn yewwww..

so had to wait for 3 freaking hours since its friday. lunch hour is longer.

called my kakis and only kiah is available. so pakse-ed her to accompany me for some coffee but midvalley is out of list coz definitely jem mcm gile. so to the sphere we went.
and had extreme mocha at san francissco. ok la. xdpt daun akar pn jadi (betul ke perumpamaan ni eh?). sebat je la.

then lepak2 at her lab and at 3pm, went to submit the thesis and blk umah.


so wht's my plan ye. i'm gonna finish my e-novel i've downloaded last nite. titled 'Eat. Pray. Love.'
yeah you heard the title rite. i know the movie has came out in cinemas yesterday but wait la till i found my mangsa to accompany me watching it.

okla. i wnt to pray and get some rest. so tired!

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Khairiyah aka Kerry said...

weh..thanks ajar aku.nnt aku tny ko lg k.heheeh.btw, aku dpt keje tu.haha.