Tuesday, July 22, 2008


comey or not?
dun care wut u ppl might say..but i found this slippers quite comey
pls excuse my comot feet tho
dpt free mse beli lux satin indulgence ((aku reka je name die..p ade satin2 la))
i quit using shokubutsu since baity said tht after they got tht 'halal' cop
the smell, the oh-best-nye feeling have lost
y? mybe they remove the bak-kut-teh from the ingredient kut
aku tatauuu
so nway..br beli je pon x try agi pakai new shower cream ni
ekceli i wnted to try the new shower cream by lux
perisa strawberry n cream putar ((dun ask me wut is cream putar but the name sounds yummylicious n tempting kn? mcm sedap..hmm))
but mak dh beli yg ni..pakai saje la nnt

comey ke x comey?
siap ade reben agi

my old-rarely used slippers
sgt comfy but after awhile pakai nnt kaki pns sbb siper ni tebal

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