Thursday, July 10, 2008

ronggeng dgn nyh ija

i dun hav class on tuesday
so i promised nyh ija aka bunc tht i'll accompany her ronggeng on tht day
so pepagi subuh dh siap sedia ngn xtvt

at first we planned to go to low yatt since i wanna get myself a headphone
p since only 2 of us r goin so we cancel
tmpt x bese so takut la pape kn

thot of meeting achik at times sq then we'll go to sg wang plaza
((the lst time i went there i saw many cutey little thingy etc so i wanna check them out))

ekceli i wnna meet buss too but she cudnt make it since she got an interview tht day
so just kuar bdua ngn nyh ija
aku tgk die
die tgk aku

pape hal pon..kitorg p isi tank dulu
2-2 kebulur je
i wanted to try marrybrown's curry mee
so off we go pusing2 times sq cr mb
both of us ordered the same thing
then sbb ketamakan
tmbh a plate of fishNship

mee kari ayam goreng ngn fishNchip

mee kari die ok la
sbb ayam goreng die sedap
n mee die x pahit
i dun quite like mee kari
since most mee kuning yg gemuk tu often taste bitter
p mee kt sini ok

but take a look at the fishNchip
cm hidup segan mati x mahu kn?
xberpadanan ngn harge ok
p since lapo kitorg bedal jugak n of kos...habis

smbil mkn2 nyh ija contact achik
p achik x rply pon
so mybe she also cudnt come
so kitorg abeskn mknn sume
then jln kaki p sg wang

smpi sg wang both of us jln2 pusing sane pusing sini
but trust me
every conner of the mall looks similiar
blk2 pusing tang tu je
smpi sakit kaki
ekceli i wanna get myself an umbrella jgak
((gedik kn cr payung jauh2))
p cm xde yg bkenan

penat btul pusing2
beli nye tdak coz suddenly sume nmpk cm x best
yela kn..xkn dh beso2 jln2 dlm uni pakai payung hello kitty or doremon kn
sgt x cool ok
i rather use plain black umbrella cm org p berkabung tu

so kitorg berenti rehat kt r&r
xla..kt bench yg terdekat
oh dis time
jari kaki dh merah2 dh
menunjukkn tanda2 akan melecet dlm mse yg sgt tdekat

eh sesat
this pic mse kitorg p mkn kt mb
nyh ija insisted tht i put this pic in my blog
since she look like duta sari ayu martha tilaar

then trskn bjln blk
skali kitorg lapa plak
then decided to eat fries je kt mekdi
konon on diet
plus we desperately need to sit since kaki aku mmg dh melecet by this time ok

then while lepak2 kt mekdi tu
nyh ija receive a call saying tht she shud come for an interview tomorrow
so she went kalut2 saying tht she dun have anything to wear
((she supposed to go back to muadzam later tht nite))
then pas make a few phone calls
i teman her cr suar itam la
kasut btutup la
((kne formal attire kn))
so she'll b going to d interview with new clothes n no certs
since all her certs r at home
melampau ok nyh ija
selambe redah
luckily org tu x kesah since xkn la nk suh nyh ija blk muadzam amek certs bagai kn
sape suh bg tau lst min de interview

so ok la
kitorg pon rushing2 bli itu ini
pstu blk sbb nyh ija kne cancel her ticket kt putra station

time nk cpt la sllu lambat n menyakitkn ati kn?
monorail tetibe stuck la plak
n causing lots..
i mean very the lots of ppl stranded
((ehh..proper word ke tu?))
blsh je la
so pendek kate..ramai gile org
berebut2 nk nek monorail yg pendek itu
we let the 1st tren passed
the by hook or by crook..we must get into the next one
aku bese la kn..gune skill mcelah wpon bdn beso
p nyh ija kne tggl
xpsl2 kitorg terseparate

dlm monorail sgt sengsare ok
mse msuk tu org selambe je men tolak2
seb bek x patah tgn aku
then sian sorg ni sbb aku tpijak kaki die
byk kali say sorry n luckily she understand
aku dh la berat
plak tu kne pijak tang heels
bygkn la kn
maapkn daku ye
seyes x sengaje
ade sorg autie ni dok tolak2 x hengat smpi aku xleh stand properly n accidently stepped on her feet

so i waited for nyh ija at klsentral station then together2 we went to get the komuter
then rushing to get into next komuter to sg buloh
then blk umah

sgt penat ok mlm tu
ngn kaki melecetnye
luckily my class was in the afternoon wednesday tu
klo x..burn gamaknye class itu


ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

cik-b said...

kabar bek
ni sape ek?