Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this week i'm super busy
kelas from 9-5 for the whole week
sgt2 penat x hengat
byk stories pending
i dun even have time to do my weekly assignments
smpi2 umah mmg flat betul
sllu nye trs kebabom lps mndi n mkn

hari ni lg super pnt
lab work sgt byk nk kne wat n very confusing
n i'm very dissapointed with the equipment
daif nye laa..
later will update on dat

then td mse blk
nyaris2 nk tgesel kete org
eksyen gile org tu
i gave signal to enter d right lane n my car was already half inside
tetibe je die nk tgesel bontot kete aku eventho sblum tu jarak kitorg dlm sebuah kete agi
so nk wt cmne..aku cpt2 kekiri
seb bek kiri xde kete
n mak tkejut smpi mgigil
aku tok sah ckp la kn
of kos tkejut badak air smbil dag-dig-dug
p seb bek xde pape
mmg aku rse aku nk bwk lori tayar doploh pat la
ko lggar la aku bontot lori aku
aku rileks je

skrg tgh sakit pewot tahap naga berapi
bilik mcm tongkang sbb xde mse nk kemas2 buku2 n nota2
pale pening sbb weather n keje yg menimbun
cant wait for next week since i'll b having my mid sem break
((p still kne siapkn 2presentation, 4reports and study for test during d break..sob3 sedey))

oh yes
it seems tht we'll b having a party dis friday
they call it a party but its nothing like d one tht i've been to when i was in melb i suppose
i think its a welcoming session n getting-to-noe-u session with the lecturers and coordinators
y la after nearly 2months only u gonna do party?
k la nvrmind
s long s they provide gud food
then i'm more than happy to attend
((i hope they'll provide food))

till then peeps

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