Friday, September 19, 2008

dugaan bpuasa

well, so far this ramadhan have been quite a challenge to me
my mentality, my emotions n not to mention my stomach
all been severely tested, up to a point where i dont even bother go give a damn on every single thing tht ppl told me

studies been torturing me
a lot of catch-up needs to be done
assignment n stuff are haunting me each n every day

well, of course studies is not the only thing tht been clouding my head
but i've made my decision tht its gonna be my top priority..s for now
there's no turning back so no matter how hard
no matter how f*cking annoyed i am
i just have to move on
i dont have a choice, do i?
so i really hope tht one day, all my sacrifices will be paid
((if u noe wut i mean..hee))

hm, quite a few things leave me feeling dejected, dispirited and i'm totally upset abt it
its kinda amusing to know tht a human's tongue can be a lot more sharp compared to a shiny sword of a warrior

oh yes, i came across something
thot i shud share this wif u guys
((excuse the 'keteraburan' of this entry..i noe there's no flow wut so ever..xde mse nk pk))
when u love a person
u try to appear the best tht u could be
hoping tht the person tht u love would, happy or lucky to have u

i think its normal
it could be hypocrite at times
when u r trying to be wut u r not
but imagine the trouble tht the other party has gone through
just to make u happy
just so tht u r proud of her/him
u think its easy to be someone u r not?
i bet it aint nothing like abc..

so wut can u do?
go n figure it out urself
for me..let him/her be wut him/her wanna be
u never knew wuts inside him/her heart, no?
him/her could be crying out loud inside while putting a happy face outside
u got wut i mean?

oh ok..
enuf with all this gloomy cloudy thingy

hari raya is around d corner
am i happy?
we were planning to go back to perak n pahang during raya
n if its really true tht the highway toll will be free for the first 3 days of raya
i think i wanna persuade mak n ayah to go to langkawi
i love langkawi
well actually, i love berjalan
this time around i really need to go outside kl
i need some fresh air la

eh eh
will talk more later
got thing to tell u
wanna take a shower now n go shoppingggggg
tc peeps

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