Saturday, September 20, 2008

pasang surut nye~

well, i've known very well tht things r changing
even the life itself is a wheel
u r not gonna be forever at the top
u r not gonna be happy everyday
at certain times, u might face a difficulty or anything which make u feel down
life is full with its up and down
a static life would be boring

its nothing new
but knowing tht it is changing in a rapid manner..
confused me as hell

for me, the same thing goes to the matter relating to our heart
i dont think i'm in d position to say this
but some ppl r so easy to say tht they r in love wif someone
then the next day
the feeling is gone
wth was that?

eh..its weekend peeps!
so wuts ur plan for today?
((haha..tetibe tukar topic. x elok pikir berat2 sgt..nnt cpt wengss))
i'm going out shopping today
n i noe some ppl r goin shopping too
((i miss u guysssssss!!))
okla..catch u later


ty said...

bangun pagi sakit tekak
nape ni cik kak??

Sya Sakura said...

huhu.. i agree with ur point on how easy some ppl utter the "143" words, and to not mean it anymore the next day..
but maybe what they feel is not love, but just infatuation kot, and yet they lied saying it was really love.. huhu.. Nway, windu sama kamu la kama~

thangierazzi said...

kama dearest, x beli apa2 for ourselves pun shopping tadi. how abt u? banyak beli? i js got my mom a handbag (it was on sale) hehe

cik-b said...

@ baity: heh, saje tuka angin sket..

@ jamie: btul2..susah nk pcaye laa.nway, i mishh u toooo! seyes windu gle.sob3 =(

@ thangie: hehe, i got myself another pair of baju kurung for raya. best la jln2 tho org sgt ramai!