Thursday, October 30, 2008

demam dan diarrhea

ok dis gonna b one looooooong entry
so brace urself k
those yg x kuase nk mbace entry pepanjang
kindly move ur cursor to the top rite hand corner of ur hand
and click the X button

well i noe i havent write for quite a while
*hmm..the last entry was lst saturday if i'm mistaken, rite?*
actually, saturday tu i went to lowyat plaza to get my laptop a cooling pad
*yeahh..i noe my laptop is old olredi, dun ask me to jst throw my laptop instead of putting wut-so-ever gadgets tht i cn find in the mrket to cool it down unless u wnna get me a new it?*
so nway, oklaa
i bought the one with large fan, clear colour priced at RM23
i thot, the bigger the fan, the better la kn
so tht it can kipas my laptop
buttt...nan adooo
br psg like 5min or so at the first trial
mati gak laptop ku
sungguh cizesss
p lepas2 tu
mcm ok la jugak
i cn only open 2-3 webpages in a time so tht the processor have to do less job
hence, the chance of it getting hot faster is reduced
in a way, i found tht dis cooling pad berkesan la jugak since compared to the other time when i dont use any cooling pad
laptop slalu turn off by itself
so i guess my RM23 bbaloi la digunakn utk membeli pad penyejuk ini
*p/s: pad penyejuk tiada kaitan dgn kotex, whisper, laurier dan sewaktu dgnnye. thankies*

oh yeah, before tht
i remember getting an email from cik kiah
inviting me to her house for an openhse
aku mati2 ingt the openhse was on sunday n thts y i went out on saturday
skali tsilap
sori banget kiah

n sunday tu
my fren from highschool pon wt opnhse
sori dear, i cudnt make it
have to accompany my mom to her sepupu jauh nye opnhse
there, i ate mcm org x mkn sebulan
memule mkn nasik..mkn sikit je sbb the lauks were not to my liking
*hiks..demand tu*
then mkn mee hoon sup
*wah faveret!! harus mkn byk..byk2 pon semangkuk je*
then mkn satey plak
end up, blk umah perut sengkak

later that nite, i didnt eat anything since i ate too much alredi during the day
n i slept early
*skrg pkul 9-10 dh tbongkang dh..mate ni cpt sgt mengantuknye*

so the next day was deepavali day
oh yes, i forgot to wish my indian frens esp thangie, vanish n not to mention, my ex roomate malarrrr...hiks~

ok continue story
so i woke up on monday morning
*morning ok..i usually woke up at 8-9 nowadays*
started feeling uneasy
my head felt like it was going to explode n my whole body starts to ache
felt like i was abt to get a fever
so i continue sleeping till 11 am
wpon bdn rse x sedap, tghari tu my mom masak ikan bakar
i ate mcm org gile bedal ikan semata
ahaha..i luv terubuk bakar la
plus d air asam was pedas gile n ni pon bkal mengundang malapetaka buat diri ku

n my badan kejap pns kejap sejuk
i hate dis feeling
once i had this kind of mengada fever when i was having my final on my 3rd yr at uni
sgt sakit ati coz i dun have d energy to stdy but i was sooo damn worried n really wanna stdy
*do u get wut i mean?*
so since now i'm on stdy leave, i'm worried sick n hoping tht it wont repeat again
s i need to stdy!!!!
i dont think um provide any special consideration so i was damned if i didnt study now

then end up
the whole day i cudnt do anything
i carry my notes everywhere - in front of tv, outside, kitchen..nooo, i didnt bring into toilet okk
jst to make me feel better tho i didnt read them
then later tht nite
dh x tahan dh
i refused to ate the panadol when my mom asked me to ptg tu
but mlm nye, i asked for a panadol so my sis gave me 2 tablets of active fast
then after having my dinner
*which again, i ate byk gile ikan n air asam but nasik sikit sbb xlalu*
i took the pills
after awhile
my body starts to sweat
my thot was..ok. the pills have finally works
n aku hepi la sbb dh ok so xde la sakit2 kn
but tho my body bpeluh
i also felt something in my stomach
bunyi kruk2 mcm lapa but i'm full
dh dinner sume so i really dont feel like eating anymore
so i thot, oh maybe it was the reaction btw the pills n the acid in my stomach ((or the cacingss inside))
so ok la..
i continued watching tv then went to bed
then at around 2-2.30..i woke up
rase mcm nk tkentut but it felt slightly different
i had a feeling tht if i fart, it might not jst release angin..some other things might come out too
so i rush to the toilet
n true enuf..aku cirit birit
lps tu ingt dh lega la
then i went to sleep again
but less than half an hour later
bkejar ke toilet lg
then only perut rse lega n tido smpi pagi

then on tuesday
bgn pagi ingt ok la
xde pape..but tidak okkk
pale rse beraaaaaaattt sgt
then cirit birit lg like 5-6 time
smpai badan dh lembik like sayur busuk
i can barely stand, duk tbaring melepek je the whole day
tekak rase payau n tghari tu mkn murtabak n keropok lekor but until ptg pkul 5
when i burped, bau lg murtabak tu
sbb rse die mcm tsekat kt dada
then i end up tmuntah
so imagine la..i only ate murtabak but end up i throw it up
cirit birit till there's nothing more to ciritkn lg
*excuse my language will ya?*
then magrib tu
my sis ckp mybe i kne diarrhea
so she ask me to ate the pills tht she got from clinic plus this serbuk to re-hydrate my body back

ok mybe some of u akan ckp
y la x g clinic awal2
i hate clinics or hosp
n i hate ubat2an =(
so when my sis suruh mkn ubat
smbil menangis2 aku dok telan ubat
the serbuk looked delicious from d outside
orange flavoured some more
p sbnrnye..tuhan je la tahu
lg sket nk tmuntah aku minum
then xthn duduk..aku p baring
again..rse x selesa..mcm nk throw up
i told emak..then mak asked me to just muntahkn spy lega
but my sis xks coz i just ate the smpi pkul 9 cmtu than rse x selesa

so during this time
mcm2 la bmain dipikiran aku
mak said tht, if i didnt get any better..tomorrow (wednesday) we r going to hosp
aku dh start tbayang2 aku kne tahan duduk dlm ward
bdn kne cucuk masukkn air
then i was thinking..mybe there's something wrong inside my tummy
probably i ate too much on sunday so something blocked at the upper part of my stomach
so tht the food cannot enter the stomach n mybe thts y i cud still feel the murtabak ptg tu wpon dh mkn tghari pkul 11 cmtu sbb murtabak tu xleh masuk dlm perut
but this is a bit silly since aku pnh je mkn lg byk dr tu tp selamat je
so i thot mybe ni balasan perut aku meragam sbb aku sllu dera die dgn mkn dgn byknye n xhabiskn puase 6
*how am i suppose to finish my puase 6 when i had a fever on monday kn?*

then aku tpikir..mybe its not bcoz of my stomach
its bcoz of my colon or usus kecil ke
i can only drank water n all the water are loss when i cirit birit la kn
my mouth was dry n my langit2 hurt mcm aku br lepas mkn 2peket besar homebrand's sour cream n onion chips mcm dulu2
i seyesly drank a lot of water but my langit2 still hurt
so i thot..mybe it was bcoz of my intestine instead
mybe intestine aku dh berselirat
i read somewhere, there's this one klo x silap
lahir2 doc detect yg intestine die bselirat so the food or shud i say the feaces xleh pass thru
so they have to open the stomach utk btulkn intestine yg bselirat tu
but the baby x survive n died
aku sgt takut bile pikir psl ni
but i was come la air yg aku minum byk2 bole kuar
so i intestine work la kn n x berselirat
so tht put me at ease a bit

then aku tpikir something plak
mybe my intestines cells have lost some receptor or some metabolites to absorb water into the cells n thus my body xleh absorb dh water n hence i cirit birit
*ok ini adelah sgt melampau n over drama..but wut to do..i was soo scared n i cud even imagine myself in hosp's bed with lots of frens coming to visit me n having my exam in the hosp..psycho kn aku?*
how can i not think tht way
aku x leh bdiri pon
bdiri je rse nk tumbang
pale bpusing2
nk bcakap bukak mulut pon xlarat padahal b4 dis mjerit dr blkg ke depan selambe je
xyah pakai mic..jiran pon boleh tkejut

then mse dok sedey2 tkenang nasib diri
aku tpikir pulak
mybe bdn aku ok je
xde kurg receptor or metabolic pathway x bfungsi wutsoever
aku tpikir aku kne santau
well of course i didnt tell my mom all dis
mau aku kne lempang sbb pikir bukan2 kan
p mane la tahu
aku seyes x pnh kne cirit birit
demam pon jarang skali
lst yr..tu je skali
n kecik2 pon aku jrg la
slalu aku sakit yg parah terus smpi kne ulang alik hosp
sbb tu aku xsuke hosp n ubat sbb dulu blori ubat aku ade
then aku tpikir..if betul la aku kne santau
y meeee??
aku x rampas suami org
aku x rampas tunang org
ke aku ade melukakan ati org?
aku rse..xde la plak aku tolak cinta org
tolak pinangan org pon x
then aku pikir
mybe org tu nk santau org len
tetibe tsantau aku
iskk..nauzubillah hi minzalikkk
pang sket pale aku ni
apsl aku suke pk bukan2 ha?

org klo tgh sakit mmg suke merapu kn?
p tu la..sedey ok
mlm tu lps mkn ubat cirit birit
aku rse lega
mak suh mkn nasik p seyes aku xlalu
but since perut kosong..aku jamah jgak nasik goreng my sis masak dlm 3 sudu
tu pon siap kunyah 44kali sbb nk senangkn perut aku absorb n xks kuar je toilet semate
p end up
aku muntah blk lps tu
huu..aku x suke muntah
sakit mcm nk tkeluar isi perut
bygkn la
mkn x seberapa p rse mcm seluruh isi perut nk tkeluar

smbil muntah smbil menangis
smbil mkn ubat smbil menangis
pe nk wt..sakit okkk
dh la aku sakit2..mak bkn nye nk belai2 ke ape ke
bak kate mek baity dulu ((xtau la mek baity ingt ke x))
aku adelah insan yg kekurgan kasih syg
aku saje le melepek dpn perhatian sket
p mak selambe je mkn rambutan pastu asikkkk la suh aku mkn nasik
mne le aku ade selera
tekak payau gile
aku minum air masak je spnjg ari tu je yg leh terime dek tekak ni
sian aku ni
*hahaa...drama lg*

then esoknye (rabu)
pagi2 mak kejut tny jd x nk g hosp
aku ckp xyah sbb rse dh ok sket
*sbnrnye mls nk bgn tdo..hiks*
so rabu tu..bdn cm ok sket la pagi tu
de cirit birit gak 2x
p xde la bdn cm nak tumbang
aku ckp kt mak aku nk mkn bubur ayam mekdi
mak ckp xyah..die masak bubur ayam lg sedap bubuh ayam bketul2
aku lg gembire la kn
msti mak masak byk..n aku dh tbyg2 dh bubur yg perghhhh
so aku pon mkn la dgn bestnye
p tu la..mkn sikit je sbb takut perut aku reject
oh ye..siang tu mak masak rendang ayam
meleleh je la air liur aku tgk
dh tentu la pedas..n xberani la aku nk mkn jgak
kang cirit birit lg kn..
oh nooo..aku xmo dh
dh insap
so akhirnye today..aku rse dh lega dh..
pale dh xsakit, badan dh xmelepek je
dh xcirit birit
alhamdulillahh..dh leh stdy cm bese
lega ati aku

okla kengkawan
marilah kite stdy rajen2
akhir kate
hargai mase sihat anda sblm anda sakit
n sile jgn jd mcm aku pikir yg bukan2 sms anda sdg sakit utk mengelakkn anda dr meroyan x tentu psl
oh btw, my sis ckp
aku cirit birit probably sbb aku p mkn telur lalat sebakul tu yg aku sorg cirit birit smbil die gelak2 cm syaitoooonnnn..keji2

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