Thursday, November 13, 2008

ape kene lagi niiii....

i have another paper tomoro
lst nite i cudnt sleep
*i slept actually but i was thinking at d same time. can u imagine?*
sgt psycho kn aku?
a lot of things been on my mind lately
i'm sick of it!

so since aku tdo-bpikir
aku pon trs ter-pk xmo pegi dscsn mse tgh tdo tu
so aku trs smbung tdo smpi pkul 7 n smsed my fren n said tht i overslept
*padahal..aku purposely smbung tdo*
woke up, take a shower
had my bfast as early as 7.30am
then stdy
ghajin kn?
*well, it only lasted for 30mins tho*
then i got distracted

gile mls nk stdy
actually, aku mmg bkobar2 nk stdy
tp xleh stdy
*phm ke ape yg aku rse ni?*
sgt stressful

then at around 10.30
i smsed my fren tny how they r doin
n they r doing so mantap discussing past year questions
thts it!
i'm soooooo farking doomed!

aku benci la subject ni
the notes are all over berterabur
aku xde napsu nk bace
plus punye la byk chemical compunds n their structures which i dont even noe whether we hav to hapal all the structure n names ke x
then soklan past year plak tny yg bukan2
where each question carries like 25 marks n i cn only give like 2 points each
like wtf kn?
for god sake, its microbial biotech
apsl la ko ajar bab chemistry ni?
seyes bile dh cuak tahap babs ni
sume mende rse nk kuar dr mulut aku ni
*cuak2 pon i still have time to update kt sini*
nk wt cmne..dr aku tdo mbute menambahkn rse bsalah
bek aku merapu meraban kt sini
rite? to move my ass n jwp2 la sket past year questions tu kn
at least aku bce la smbil2 tu
pls pray for me
aku mmg x confident subject ni
n i seriously dun wanna repeat coz it'll b such a pain in d arse i tell u
gile byk ASSignment, presentation, report, lab which are all like hell!!
*astaghfirullah al azimmmm*

ok la
i better stop here
otherwise dunno wut else will come out

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