Wednesday, November 12, 2008

doing wut i do best..

currently, i wud say tht i'm so good in procastinating

yesterday's paper was 'mcm haram'
eh silap..
separa haram

initially, i was stuck at first 2 questions
so in order to avoid parkinson in d middle of exam
i move on to the 4th question
*lompat trs 3rd question since tu soklan kire2*

so yeah..after finished both 4th and 5th Q
then only i settled d 3rd question and move on to the 2nd
1st question..sori la
aku xtau lgsg nk wt
so i wrote rubbish there n wut ever equation tht i can think of
then i sat there, doodling while waiting for the exam to end
*saje psycho org sblh2 kunun2 aku jwp mantap tahap dewa naga*

i just hope i can pass tht paper
i wasnt hoping for a C ape tah lg an A
just bg lulus pon dh seribu rahmat
*ya Allah..ks la hambamu ini lulus, x mo repeat. amin.*

sggh jusco sbb tingin mkn sushi plus i'm damn hungry
so while waiting for d tren,
i ate rakus gile mcm kebuluran x mkn sebulan n x peduli org kiri kanan
*i didnt ate the nite b4 n didnt take breakfast*
so u cn imagine la how i felt tht time kn

oh yes, i met farah jgak mse nk g stesen
baru je bce blog die semlm nye tu
nway, she was in a hurry
*so am i, i was starving remember?*

blk umah, s usual, penat mcm sampah
tp tgk mak masak laksa
instantly i felt energised
mcm kne enjet ngan ubat kuat
*xde kene mengena*

so after a bowl of laksa
i'm off to slumberland till 5pm
lepak2..xsedar diri byk keje
pas mgrib only i finished off the essay
then tbungkas

then x start stdy for the next ppr which i cn sense the haramness now
plus aku mmg x suke subject ni since my undergrad year
btw, aku nk p korek ilmu rakan2 sekelas aku sebentar lg
i wnna be a parasite today since i cant contribute anything
aku xtau ape yg blaku dlm subject ni
wish me luck n hope tht i dont look like a complete idiot sebentar lg

later peeps

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