Sunday, November 9, 2008

dunno wut when wrong

dear diary,
i wonder y am getting 'cengenger' day by day
n its getting worse for d last few days
shud i blame it on the hormones?
i thot am getting better today
but it appears to be d other way round
in fact, i cudnt handle my emotion today

dear diary,
i've heard tht giving up doesnt mean tht we r weak
but it really in fact shows tht we r strong enuf to let go of something which is not meant for us
is it true?
so shud i let it go?
coz i dont think i'll be able to hold on onto it any longer

dear diary,
how i wish i can figure out wut i really wnt
the distant voice of my heart n my mind been telling me to do 2 different thing
but i'm torn in between
n i'm afraid tht i'll make a wrong move n regret it later on
but so far i dont think i'm happy with it
the spark has long gone
its killing me..

dear diary,
i thot i shud give it a chance
for i dun wanna regret later on
twice was enuf for a chance isn't?
am i expecting too much out of it?
i thot its common for an ordinary girl
n i'm just an ordinary girl
with an ordinary wish
ordinary hope
so y cant i be understood?

dear diary,
am i asking too much?
i think i am..
n i'm really sorry for tht
but i cnt help it
i wish i cn have it d way i wnt it to be

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