Wednesday, November 19, 2008

exam is over

exam dh abes
n i'm hepi
yesterday was my last paper
unit operation n reactor design for biological system
the paper, okla kut

so nway, lets forget abt tht
everything's over now. nothing can be done
i just hope for the best
n i did d best tht i can
so now is the time to bertawakal kepada Allah sahaja
dan bdoa smoga lulus n lecturer xjmpe lg muke ni di sem yg akan dtg didalam kelas yg sama

so smlm after paper
went out for a movie with my classmate a.k.a geng sedut
memule planned nk tgk madagascar but only the front seats left
so terpakse settled for james bond
overall, i enjoyed the movie
it just tht d aircond was too cold makes me wanna pee n i had to tahan like for an hour or so
coz i dun wanna miss any part in tht story

after tht kitorg g mkn yong tau foo n nora wants some donut so we went to big apple
after a session of gelak xhengat donia n ngumpat2 lite2 sket
kitorg pon blk

today i was supposed to meet them again to collect some books n stuff
but i couldnt make it
so i stayed at home n slept the whole day
heaven i told u!
smpi dh muak nk tdo n xtahu nk wt ape
n it was just a day
aku dh start rase bosan
yela, all this while stdy n ade je la mnde nk wt
skrg dh xde
sgt bosan plak

wut shud i do eh?

oh ye, i got a lot to story
later la ek
mls nk tulis byk2
k la


ty said...

abis exam ape agi sopingg laa
cm xbiasa lak

cik-b said...

duit xde maa
kne ah dok umah dendiam
mcm x bese plak