Friday, December 5, 2008

hari ini dlm sejarah

hola peeps
my internet was down since wednesday
n i can only connect this evening
sangap ayam jadi nye sejak 3hari lepas
now i can breath normally
((hyperbola disitu))

oh yes, mark ur calender
well i shud say i myself shud mark my calender
u guys dun have to noe y la yea
i just doin something n i hope a month from now
i cud atleast see some improvement
hope everything went as planned

oh btw, yesterday was ayah's n iwan's birthday
oboy beli kek ceklat n smpi hari ni mkn kek lagi

wut else yea?
hm, final exam's result has been released last wednesday
overall, i'm satisfied with it
i hope i'll do much better next sem
but one of my classmate smsed me this afternoon saying tht there'll be some changes to 6103's result
upon hearing tht, i went emo-ish coz i thot tht 6103=bioprocess which is my least fav subject
so i'm kinda afraid tht they'll cut down marks or things like tht which will affect my result
luckily 6103=reactor n i dun like tht subject either but its much better than bioprocess obviously
seems tht they forgot to add marks from one lecturer
which means tht they'll add more marks
n no cutting out even a single point
hope so..
do pray for tht will u?

oh btw, i dun have any idea abt cgpa or gpa
coz i never had d experienced of calculating those since high school till undergrad years
n i just noe tht 4-flat adelah budak2 bijak super pandai
how important are they, eh?
obviously i didnt get 4-flat la kn
result saye biase2 saje
oh yes, wut is dean list?
oh..aku sgt byk mende yg x ketahuan

i cant wait for next sem
if u guys recalled from previous entries
i did mention tht i hate um bla bla bla..rite?
hmm..seems tht i kinda like studying here
y? u ask?
hiks, coz i got myself some 'ting-tong' frens here
n i'm motivated to study harder next sem
weird rite?
but i guess ppl change n i'm changing for the better
pls pray for me yea?
hope i can finish my studies in time
find myself a cool supervisor with exciting project in the third sem
n then graduate
x saba!!!

> x saba nk graduate again, insyaAllah
> x saba nk keje
> x saba nk kumpul duit
> x saba nk kaye!

okla..better go now
tc peeps


::KhaiRiyaH::KeRry:: said...

mek..lau kat UM pointer yg layak dpt dean list 3.75 n above.aku nk kira ingt2 lupe.kene jmp f2f baru ley ajar.kat sini tak cukop..miahahah

cik-b said...

dean list tu utk ape?
dpt duit ke?
kalo dpt duit aku nk berusaha la
aku kn mata $$$

Cik Kmar said...

amacam kama, dpt 3.5 lebih ke x. klo dpt power wooo. besenye dpt 3.0 ke atas pn dh kire bijak tu. *wink wink*

cik-b said...

bkn 4flat-er mcm ko ke yg lg bijak?
aku bese2 je rslt

Cik Kmar said...

hahahahaha. aku mmg sentiasa 4 flet. ko ni tnye2 plk. *malu*

Cik Kmar said...

btw. aku reti and tahu cmne nk kire GPA and CGPA ni kama. klo x salah dlm add maths time form 5 ade la ajar skit2 ala2 GPA nih.