Thursday, February 19, 2009


i miss melb very badly
i miss my first yr kt sne
i was carefree n a bit naive
but tht doesnt stop me from having fun
n the most important thing was..

there's nothing ever make me sad during tht yr

except tht i was a bit homesick
jst a bit..

how i wish i cn turn back time

if genie in a bottle is real
i would make him let me be in melb now
now n forever...thts better..


Cik Kmar said...

[ babe template ni lawa gile. tenang mate aku tgk. hehehe. cume 1 je r, lmbt n pyh nak loading. (mayb tenet opis aku cap sipur sedut kot) ]

back to your topic, i miss melb too. esp the scenery, how we live there, our friends, melb food, melb transport, how much we can shop there and many more. i wish i can go there again dear. :'(

kama said...

thx kmar
aku patut kredit to u for this template too
sbb if ko x tlg aritu..msti aku still xtuka2 lg template

nway, a'a
aku rindu sgt2
klo bole aku nk ikut ty blk melb skrg2 jgak
p tu way tix rm3077
gile mahal

i wish i cud live there
or any other place bside msia