Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i wanna b like a candle
illuminating those surrounding me
but did i ever realise tht i might get burnt?

if thts making me happy or atleast make me forget of things tht suffocating me
then i wudnt mind being one..

the truth will find u without u having to search for it
n when u finally get to know everything
n see the clear picture of the whole situation
then u'll realise how stupid u r for trusting too much
for accepting everything without questioning

hope tht lump in my throat will soon disappear
so i'll be able to breathe easy

it'll leave a scar for sure
u'll bleed like nobody business
but didnt they say tht time will heal?
we shall see..


today's morning cls was cancelled
i was so annoyed
she shud have informed us earlier
so i followed my other frens n lepakking in their room
cudnt stdy ..s usual la kn
sindrom mls belajar

afternoon clas was boring
rse mcm nk tarik2 rmbut punye boring
luckily hari ni cuaca sgt sedap
mendung je n hujan renyai2
n then ptg tu hujan agak lebat

was trying to search for journals for my nxt assignment
due this sunday..but the damn thing was
i cudnt find the one tht i wnt n i got lst nite b4 my laptop turn off by itself
sakit hati n akhirnye rse mcm nk tdo je

manage to shed off a kilo since lst week
*shud have had this whole dunno-how-to-describe-thing earlier..so tht i cn say bye2 to diet forever!*

byk sgt la kejutan
i like surprises..but too much of it is baddd *smbil geleng2 pale n tutup mate* for ur health
rse mcm xleh handle plak
so solution nye?

kite tdo dulu..



Anonymous said...

apsal ko smakin jiwang? dah jumpe mr.g balik ker? agagagaga..kitorg ade training dkt sini...balik nnti aku jadi penternak udang berjaya lah kot :)) tapi seriously, aku lebih suka bela kambing lah...at least poops die senang nak basuh

kama said...

mr. g dh lame ilang dr diary hidup aku la
ko je xtahu n ditakuk lame
iskk..aku xrela nk ternak ape2
aku nk jd tokey tukang kire duit je