Tuesday, May 5, 2009

finally, it all comes to an end..

so now, my coursework part has already ended
but not yet official since have to wait till the result come out
(pls pray for me yeh. i really need that.)

so probably next week
the dissertation part will start
and as for now, i've got one whole week to sort of free myself from academic stuff
but this morning, or perhaps last night
i already started to feel bored
i wanna do house chores
kemas bilik..(90% done)
kemas umah..(0% done)
excercise..(macam malas je)
n probably..find sources and read up some articles or journals for my dissertation
which is very unlikely la since u all know me right?
semangat hanya berkobar2 selama sejam dua sahaja
selepas itu..lu pikir la sendiri

ok i know, i know
i said i wanna forget about the academic stuff
but what can i do
my laptop is giving me headache whenever i wanna download korean drama
online novel (read: downloaded novels) are giving me back aches (bukan sakit bont ok..sakit belakang sbb baca smbil baring from laptop)
then, wut else can i do?
weekend, i'm fully booked =)
so thts left me with weekdays n today's already tuesday

tiba2 macam x cukup lah pulak sehari ada 24 jam
(geng sedut..does this ring a bell? heh.)

oh i seriously need a movie therapy
so calling out buss and bunc
lets watch movie wiken ni okeh
n pls, i want abc

i've been wanting abc since like forever
and semalam after paper mak belanja abc n aku rasa tdak mencukupi
i want moreeeeee!!

and i think i've gain more weight since last week coz i've been eating like a piranha lately
and i can feel tht my stomach was like terhuyang-hayang wehenever i walk
and i seriously feels like sh*t because of that

okla gotta move my a** and start doing something worthwhile
babai people
and have a great day


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