Wednesday, August 12, 2009

kisah tentang ketiduran

hoh. bloody hell. (ops, excuse my language pls)

its 3.27 am in the morn and i'm wide awake. i should be sleeping at this very moment but jst have to wake up to harvest my pumpkins in Farmville. again, bloody hell. wonder how did i end up attached to this game. sigh. and i miscalculated the time my pumpkins will masak. should have woke up an hour later. nevermind la. long time never update this blog also.

so, so. what should i rant abt today?

damn i got a lot to tell but seriously i dont feel like typing. if u wnt me to story, i cnt tell all tht happened in 5min. as fast as the shinkansen.

oh damn. i wanted to write but i need to transfer pic. but damn lazy. and i dont see any point writing craps at this hour. oh vodo. ape tujuan aku bukak blog time ini tapi tidak mahu menceritakan apa2. i need ample time to write. and sekarang adalah rasa seperti ingin tidur sahaja.

malas la nk update. hahah. kesian sape bukak blog tp tiada cerita pon sebenarnya.



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