Thursday, October 29, 2009

i need motivation

motivation, where are you?
sigh. desperately need some.

tahukah anda bahawa sekarang sudah hujung bulan 10?
which means i only have 2 months to settle lab works
but a lot of things have been holding us back
sempatkah mahu menyiapkn sebelum bulan 1 ni?


motivation. motivation. motivation.

i need motivation to finish up my literature review.
i've completed abt 98% but cant bring myself to write up the other 2%
apsal la aku ini malas sangat?

then i should start on chapter 1 and chapter 3 of dissertation
seriously this is killing me
malas, pls go away.

p/s: kalau pergi karok pakai baju kebaya, mcm kabaret sangat ke?

1 comment:

Cik Kmar said...

wow. dh nk abis master dh kwn aku ni. jeles jeles. :-p