Sunday, November 29, 2009

penat nya saya ini

so finally, the majlis has finished.
tho certain things didnt go as planned, but we were grateful everything's done.
i'm overly excited and cant wait for the big day. (biase la aku kn bizibodi.hihi)
nk buat project dulang lg and this time around we'll know how to budget our expense on the rebens and stuff. like wht to buy and wht not to buy.
best jgak ek wt kerja ni. how come no one tell me before?

rumah masih berkecah dgn segala tok nek pinggan mangkuk nk kemas
but wht excite me the most (as expected) are the gifts returned by the other side
got to feast myself with chocs and more chocs from the cuppies.
very the sedapness.

and i totally very the sayang to eat this cute lil fella.
sgt comelness
should i eat or not?

our side
my favorite among the five

their side
my favorite too
santek kn munge die?
real roses.

okla. cukup2 la cte psl tu.
till nxt time.
take care all.



i am innocent said...

saye hampir nak beli gak gingerbread man ini td. huhu~

makanlaa... sedap x???

kama said...

nk makan. tapi sayanggggg sgt
sbb cm comel
p klo x mkn, expired la pulak kn?
huhu. cmne ni.