Tuesday, December 1, 2009

whts with new moon

hello people.
how r u?

well, i'm not the biggest fan of twilight saga tho i've read all four of stephanie meyer's book (will b reading the host soon. not part of the saga of course) but i must admit tht i like the story
well, i always like stories abt vampires and stuff
except the one yg very scary blood spilled everyone mcm cerita 30 days of night tu
it creeps the hell out of me
jejekk okk!

so since twilight ni vampires die mcm civilised sket n xde la byk sgt part2 yg menakutkn, lagi la aku suke sgt
ehem2. not to mentioned the buku menggambarkan yg vampire well i mean, the Cullen adalah sgt the hensem and the lawa la
so, hihi aku sgt sukaaa

so yesterday, i've watched the movie
yeayyy.. but not really yeay
coz, hey, what's wrong with edward he's soooooo not the beautiful edward as potrayed in the book
luckily jacob adalah tidak menghampakan

and thts not the real disappoinment i tell u
coz according to the title, new moon and tht refer to book 4 of the saga
it should be the ending of the series or whtever u call it
but the ending from the movie was the biggest chagrin ever
how to put eh, it was like watching the story from book 2 and book 3 with 1/3 of book 4
ok i understand they have to include part of book 2 and 3 otherwise those who havent read the books will not understand the whole story
but jangan la bubuh title 'new moon'
coz personally, i love the last book itself where thts where the proper ending with lots of action and more vampires

i hope there'll be new moon 2 or ape ape je la so tht they'll show how bella ended up being a vampire herself
tht will be sgt seronok

and kesian la jacob asyik dikecewakan oleh bella but in the end he'll find his true love

ok enough la review abt the movie
if u guys wanna know more, go and watch
but i would like to recommend u guys to read the book afterward
atleast the last book 'new moon'

and as for me, i would give this movie 6/10 coz i totally tak suke the ending
but overall, ok la kot
bukan senang nk buat movie rite?

oh yes, how did i end up watching movie yesterday?
like this, i was so very the malas to woke up and go to lab
smsed nora many times to ask if it is ok if i ponteng lab etc
but in the end rase bsalah and pergi jugak tapi lambat and arrived at mdvl around 11 am.
dunno wht happened, i smsed nora and terus ajak tgk movie

so since Dr wasnt around yesterday, and nora bagaikn org mengantuk disorongkn bantal (she's a fan of the saga too. and mmg dh plan nk g tgk) so terus setuju and ada pon mmg nk tgk jugak
but fifi and zizi eksyen xmo join instead they went shopping while the girls go ooohhh, ahhhh giggling mcm tak betul dlm movie

oh the sad part was, we were sitting at the front row and tpakse dongak sampai sakit tengkuk since tht was the only seats available plus we didnt want to wait till the next show and kinda miss the early bits of the story
and lagi pulak, the cinema was a bit cold and i was very selekeh yesterday dgn t-shirt bodo and sgt sejuk dan sgt2 nk ke toilet
sigh. sungguh meng-spoil kn

i want to watch again sbb nk tgk jacob

mybe will be watching the downloaded version punye je kot
so for those yg nk tgk, pergi la but dont expect too much
oh yes, i bet this movie will mostly attract girls, so yes go la gadis2 and see jejaka2 6pax yg dot dot dot (fill in the blank)
and the vampire (particularly edward adalah sgt xhensem and dlm movie tu mcm x larat je)

okla. tu je kot
till then


p/s: ada sape2 baik hati nk hadiahkn buku2 twilight saga for me? christmas sale dh start ni. wink2. hihi


Khairiyah said...

beli online la wei..murah.hehe.

KizZ said...

Hi,love to see twilight too..owh,we thought that the new moon is the second book..

So,the movie to some how dah diringkaskan lah ye..

walaubagaimanapun,best citer tu..Chix da tgk and Iz akan tengok esok..huhu

ira said...

kama,aku pun nk baca the host gak ni..kalu menarik,bgtau la ye.

aku xtgk lg new moon ni tp as expected la, sure x se'best' baca buku..rasanye xrugi pn kalu xtgk kt wayang.blh download je nnt.hehe

KizZ said...

Sunway!!!tunggu gue disana esok gue akan datang kepadamu menonton newmoon...hehe

kama said...

@ kiah: aku kuno. xreti gune teknologi

@ kizz: yep2. new moon buku ke-4. cite die mmg byk yg di-skip. yela, klo nk tunjuk sume nnt meleret smpai 5jam plak cte tu. overall cte ok cume ending mcm xbpe best. thts wht i think la. but go n see 4 urself. enjoy ur movie!

@ ira: aku skrg tgh bce the story of edgar sawtelle. pening otak aku. ok nnt dh bce aku inform ko k. mmg x sebest buku p ok la kot movie die sbb jacob and the warewolves pack sgt cuteness. hihi.