Tuesday, January 5, 2010

damn busy

i dont know where to start. terlalu banyak yang berlaku lately and tonnes of things have been bugging me this few weeks. all in all, it wasnt a good start for my new year.

sekarang adalah sangat busy kejar dateline untuk siapkan everything. i want to finish this freaking labwork and done with thesis asap. dh submit borg information for thesis submission and dah dapat reply dh pon. so i must work my ass off and now, i will sacrifice everything this month. time, money, energy. everything..just to get it over.

sigh. never thot tht doing mster can be such a pain in the arse. i wonder how some people can survive full rsch. probably i was exaggerating but seriously, i had enough this 1 semester and i dont think i can suffocate myself anymore in such place.

but things have started to be a lot more positive and i was hoping tht this will stay till we finish.

ok. enough abt this depressing matter. i dont wanna talk much on this.

oh anyway, avatar was awesome!!(busy cmne pon sempat jugak g tgk movie).
well actually we were waiting for the machine to stabilize (or whtever they call it) and it requires a lot of time i tell u like 3-4 hrs (ok exaggerating. actually 1-2hrs will be enough)
but nonetheless, we manage to sneak out to mdval and reward ourself (everytime pon reward. this is the term tht i normally use so tht i wont feel guilty afterward. hehe. after all, labworks really are depressing i tell u).

then rushed back to lab and do whtever tht need to be done. damn it was easy and u know wht, i cant understand how some ppl can be so busuk hati and wnt to keep the little knowledge tht they have to themselve? probably they wnt to bring them into their grave.

wht, cara nk handle machine pon bkira ke nk ajar? apsl, kalo aku tau handle machine tu, aku boleh jadi millionaire ke? this is why our people susah nk bjaya sbb ramai sgt org yg iri hati kt luar tu. iri hati, tapi malas berusaha. bole?

ok2. i really shouldnt stress myself out. i've had enough of tht and i wnt to be good. tht is one of my resolutions for this year. so remember kama, be nice! smile. and f*ck tht ah-hua. opss..
(nasib baik dh bukak pose)

hm, then there is another thing. i dont know how should i put it. u see, i always put a tough front but tht doesnt mean tht i am one tough guy..or girl in my case. hati i lembut u know (hakhakhak). so could u pls, dont flatter me too much coz..hm coz..i'm afraid u know. nnt i might fall for u and tht is the last thing i wnt to happen. *malu2 beruang*.

ahhhhh..poyo la aku ini.
ok better stop now b4 my crapping getting worse.

lovely people out there, pls pray for us. hopefully from now on everything will run smoothly. takde dah ah-hua jahat yang mganggu. my priority is my study and my future.

okla. penat sgt ni. nk tgk my girl (hoh i'm falling in lurrrrrveeee with seol gong channn)
sempat lagi tu layan korean drama. ok kejap lg i'll write those letters, update my lab notebook and prepare for tomorrow. promise. (tapi x promise sgt.heh)

eh, rupe2nye aku x mkn lg since bbuke ngn setin nescafe ice.
lapa, nk mkn dulu.


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