Sunday, June 29, 2008

Briefing session

hey yaa~
sowie 4 d late update
((s if u've been waiting 4 me to update this blog, hiks))
well i dun really care tho

so yesterday d whole day, or shud i say nearly 1 whole day
i was stucked at um attending the briefing session for postgraduates
nothing fancy about the session except tht d food was superb
((a bit exaggerating there but saje je la nk wt korg terliur kn))
n since its it shud double d sedapness

actually the session was separated into two smaller sessions
the morning session s i called it simply to welcome all the postgraduate students from different faculties
n i tell was soooo boring n the hall was soooo cold
i thot i got lost in arctic
((again..exaggeration. hiks~))

then the deputy chancellor went yada yarippa ting tong
n then have a tea break at 10.30am
yeayy..i was hungry at this time
bsyukor gile dpt mkn =)
they served fried macaroni, fried bee hoon, n other kueh-mueh
ok then mkn2 n i met this one girl n chit chat a bit
she's a former student of um too
doin d same course s me ((wut a coincidence!))
but i was shocked to hear tht she's doing it by research when i thot they only offer this course by mixed mode, coursework + dissertation tht is
then she told me this n tht n i was a bit discourage when i hear her stories
then i'm starting to question myself
'was this d best for me?'
'am i really doin this?'
n my mind starts to ponder upon a lot of stuff till i finally land into this question
'bgus ke x um ni?'
i've heard a lot of discriminating opinions regarding local U
especially public u
personally, i dont really dispise or dislike or any dis- tht u may have in d dictionary
it just tht sometimes i dont quite satisfied with how they conduct or manage things
this goes to the administration department
one person might say A
while d other person might say B
so being one lurus-bendul-xtau-ape2 student
imagine urself in tht situation

n another thing tht has been brought up during the morning session was 'ranking'
if u ask me..i myself dunno where um stands in the world's universities ranking
but wut my question they rank the universities?
b4, i was told tht they rank the unis based on the research carried out by the postgrad
so during my undergraduate studies
i always went 'hey xpuas ati apsl aku kne amek sbjek susah pdhal korg rank uni based on postgrad'
cm budus je kn?
if u didnt took the ugrad then how cn u move on to postgrad level
ko hengat ko lahir2 jd genius ke?
so thts one matter
but wut open my eyes was this one lecturer from *** department
ahaha..lupe from which department but he involves in research at antartic *whoaa*
ok this is the simplified version of his explanation
'we cant compare ourself (um) to oversea's uni eg yale, harvard , cambridge etc due to several reasons
n one of the main reason is tht we lack money'
mmg pon
US invested nearly USD300billion on research while Malaysia got RM500mill, more or less'
each msian uni approximately received..korg kire sendiri la
((korg jgn caye sgt the figure tht i've told u, but just take note abt the significant diff between the two amount))
n d difference was wayyyyy tooo much in term of modal la kn
in today's world, everything is money
even if ppl say tht 'cinta xdpt dibeli oleh harta'
tipu la kn..klo xde duit, cmne nk p tgk muvi, cmne nk mkn mekdi kene mengena, dh lari topik

so basically, when looking at the amount of research n the outcomes of our universities n comparing tht to universities abroad
i think it reasonable enuf to say tht we have achieved quite a lot
so we,especially msian, n especially those sponsored using tax-payers money
u shud b proud of msian product
n kembalilah bkhidmat di msia
((korgggg..blk la cpttt...jgn biar aku sorg2 miskin kt sini))
ahaha..keji disituuu

pape pon, in my opinion
mne2 uni pon bgus
it just tht u urself, being a student, must have ur own initiative to succeed in ur area
where u study, doesnt really matter..but of course gud uni give gud impression to the employee
like "oh i'm a BSc graduate majoring in bla2 from ABC uni" n of kos ur interviewer went..'oooohhh'
but tht wont impressed them if u f*** up the interview session la kn
tp kn..its a mutual relation tau
both sides have to contribute to the kemasyhuran n kejayaan uni
student, lecturers, supporting staff all must play they role accordingly
aku sllu x puas ati ngn staff2 uni
kekdg kerek cm lori balak
pape pon..aku suke la um ni wpon aritu de bdak2 eksyen yarabiiii
((xpe ko..mentang2 aku br nk msuk blja..kerek ko yeee))

ok enuf with tht n korg jgn la caye sgt yg aku karutkn tu
karut xpe..jgn carut
then during the afternoon session
i had a better view of my course n make fren wif this one saudi arabian student
overall..the course ok la but one thing make me a bit cuak
i have to take one engineering subject since i'm from life sciences background
s u all noe
engineering = mesin
mesin = maths
maths = susah
susah = kne sawan

so there's nothing exciting abt getting tht sawan or parkinson kn
but one thing excite ((excite tuuu..word x menahan))

engineers = hotnesss
ahahah.. xde kne mengena

ok wut i want to tell is..
aku cuak sbb kne amek subject engineering
process engineering ngn reactor design ((ehh..2 laaa subject engineering dieeee))
mati la akuuu
((oh tuhan..hambaMu ini hanya ingin menjd kaya..knapekah hambaMu ini perlu mengambil subject yg de kire2))
saat2 cmni la aku tetibe rse nk jd makhluk tuhan paling silap
makhluk tuhan yg x tau bsyukor
klo jd cm tokti, smpe spm je bljo
pstu duit juta2 leh p paris, london, sg gabai
aku yg stdy cukup2 mkn pon nk topup rm10 pon mntk kt mak
xpe..mne tau skrg susah
esok luse ((cpt sgt, x realistic la plak))
lg next 30-40yrs ((tua nyeee..xsempat nk joli))
aku dpt nobel prize..pstu msuk record jd org msia pertama dpt
berangan la sgt kn..dh tua bangke silap2 nnt duk umah jd suri rumah
oh noooooiii!!

eh dh la
i'm sure none will b reading such a long n boring potpet by me
till then


ellie said...

ellie in the house...
owh aku kene sembang ngan ko nanti..
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owh owh...
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cik-b said...

sembang je la kt ym ke
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