Friday, June 27, 2008

Piss off!!

the title goes without saying
i'm sick n tired wif lots of things


y do i have to satisfy ppl when they dont even bother to ask me wut i wanna do wif my life??
my own damn life!!
seriously i feel like cursing
but tht wont bring me any gud


n y do i have to endure all ur outrage when i'm not d one to b blamed??
those whu shud bear the responsibilities simply ignoring them
y choose to have tht rsponsibilities when u noe wut matter to u is urself n ur interest?
seriously i'm totally disappointed
n i'm ashamed of u
if u cnt handle it nemore..jst let it go
u r making other ppl suffer


n i hope..
u r happy wif how miserable i am now
n thank to all ur u-think-u-noe-it-all bossy acts..
u nearly ruin my life

u really piss me off
n i seriously hate u!!

p/s: kehel la ni ek?

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