Friday, July 25, 2008

hari khamisku yg malang

well, s u all noe
i already announced tht thursday is the engineering day
((suke2 aku je..hiks~))
since i got both engineering classes on thursday
last class usually end after 2 n half hour..or more
2hrs of lecture n half to 1hr of tutorial session, tht is
i dun like tute session
x reti nk jwp =(

ysterday i sat in d middle of the class..
far from my frens whom i always ask if i found trouble calculating or making up my own answers..hiks~
so i have no other options..i ask d girl sitting nxt to me
actually, i dun fancy her tht much since..tah..jst x bpe nk ske la
she's not a local student tho
but i found her to b quite helpful afterward
((tula..xbek xsuke kt org..s if org ske sgt kt awk..huuu))
she explain every single details to me eventho i already noe abt tht coz tht part was jst a basic chemical equation
but its ok..explain la lg but make it quick pls..
i wanted to noe how to answer d Q fast so tht i can go homee
i was sooo freaking sleepy ysterday..
but nway..thx for the help, really..

so ok la dh jwp sume..((cincai2 p tulis comey2 so tht lecturer kesian..hiks~))
then i can finally go home
s usual..bus stand packed wif stdnt
so i hav to wait for d 2nd bus instead

oh oh..b4 tht
earlier in d afternoon
some of my classmates were discussing n planning on some shopping since ysterday was JCard day
((those of u yg x tau..JCard=Jusco Card n apparently jusco is having a massive sale on almost every item for JCard holder))
n yes..i'm a JCard mmber too
so since i had to take tren at midvalley, might s well join them la kn?
((there's a 'but' ok))
i only have rm50 in my wallet n plus rm15 which my mom gave me for my lunch..tht'll b rm65
mne cukup nk sopingggggggg
sgt sgt sgt n sangaaaaaatttt la sedey okk

but..they cancelled their plan but i wanted to check out some items la kt jusco tu jgak
dh kte on d way kn..n nk tgk la cmne bestnye JCard day ni
kut2 la bole smbar sandal ke..baju selai ke
jd la kut..hiks~
((again there's a 'but'..))
there was a super huge crowd outside..n not to mention, inside jusco itself
nonetheless..since it was already late..i have to perform my asar prayer there
so nk x nk...tpakse redah msuk jusco nk p solat kt surau die
((an excuse to join the crowd or mbeli2 sbnrnye..hee))
p xleh nk tgk2 pon
sgt ramai org n xselesa lgsg!
nk gerak pon x leh
even the queue mse nk bayar pn pnjg gile
so it wont worth the time if i only buy 1pair of shoe or 1shirt la kn
so nk xnk..blk je la dgn kecewa nye

org ramai yg beratur diluar jusco
ni br kt ground floor
tgkat2 yg len?
pk la sndiri

nk kuar p kmtr pon amek mse sbb rmai sgt org halang

s i went down to the kmtr stsen
lg skali org padat gile
trs btambah stress
((yela..dh la i cant shop, then have to endure the crowd in the stesen sumore.sgt sakit ati))
but eventually, after severe pushing i manage to get into the tren

then at klsentral..tren cm reda sket coz ramai yg turun kt situ so i managed to get a seat
p still sesak coz ramai jgak yg get in after tu
but after a while, i realised tht someone standing next to me had a 'bump' on her stomach
after proper observation..i'm sure tht she's pregnant..n not bun**t la kn
so again..being an umat with hati perut
i offer her my seat

'err..nk duk?'- kataku smbil bangun
'hm'-katanye n bup die duduk tnpe memandang muke ku n wt muke eksyen gile
wth was 'hm'?

hey makcik..((i refuse to call her kakak))
i offer u a seat in a crowded train n mind u i'll only get off after 7stops which is approximately 30mins later okkk

i woke up at 6
started my class at 9
finished at 5
bersesak n bdiri dlm bas
then transit another bas
bsesak dlm surau
n i was carrying a bag bigger n probably heavier than ur stomach tau
cant u even utter the word 'thx'..or jst a smile??
u probably jst happily sitting in ur office
chit-chatting till lunch hour
then p mkn2..lepak2 surau
then blk office borak2
then cukup time..blk
((kn dh buruk sangke disitu))

trs aku rse x bbaloi ks die duduk kt tmpt aku
where is ur manner ahh??
xde la aku ni harap sgt..but herghhh
dhla kne bdiri sblh mat indon yg gatal asek nk meleseh kt aku
after i gave him a stern killer look then only die jauh2 sket
pstu die meleseh2 blk
rse nk seligi je kepale die smlm
seyes dlm ati aku menyumpah2
dh la aku x dpt soping
penat n stress
mat indon gatal miang
a simple thx wud really make it worth for me to ks u my seat tau dak?!!

habis pahala aku ilang pas wt baik kt ko
dlm ati i was hoping tht she'll get off after i did so tht i can smack her head with my bag
then pura2 x sengaja
((keji i noe, but seyesly geram gile))
probably tuhan xmo aku trs dpt dosa..seb bek die turun kt kepong
if not..i'm sure msti die bengong2 kne ngn beg paul frank aku yg besa gabak n berat tu

iskk..trs aku emo plak tetibe ble teringat psl hal smlm ni

ok ok..pedulikn die
then my mom fetch me kt sg buloh stsen
then i drove the car
lps mak wat lawak br reda amarah aku mse tu
bole x mak pkse aku bwk eventho kete tu xde sticker P?
then ckp plak 'xpe..kte bdoa la polis xde.insyaAllah xpape'
adoi mak aku..wt kesalahan p sempat bdoa sume
so lantakkn..aku bwk je
klo kne tahan..habes aku
all dis while aku bwk waja
so smlm 1st time bwk iswara kt jlnraye
menggagau2 silap ks signal n on wiper plak

tu je smlm
p i want to stress out a few things

  1. klo org wt baik kt kite..ucap thx! xrugi pape pon klo ucap thx tu
  2. pls la wt sale ble aku ade duit..sedey la xdpt soping. rse sgt2 ttekan n dpinggirkn ((bole plak rse cmtu..hiks~))
  3. ayahh gulaaaaa..pls i need ayah gulaaaaa.soon!
  4. oh yes..jejaka2 kacak diluar sne..i've set my mind. looks come 2nd, $$$ comes first. bleh?

k la..merungut or xpuas ati pon x gune
nnt lg sakit jiwa
last but not least
bsyukor saje n make the best out of everything n insyaAllah things will turn out jst fine.
n ur manner. its a common courtesy to thx someone for their help.paham?!


ty said...

elehh cm x biase je crowded2 masa shopping..
bkn byk ke pengalaman ko?
tmbh2 masa boxing day..
smpai ko panic kan?
kalo xhengat ko bleh tnye megat skali:D

cik-b said...

tu lainnn
tu mmg dh mind-set kne rebut2 sume
ni org x expect tht the crowd will b like tht
p xbest la
n plus xde uwang nyaaa
so menambahkn lagi ketak best an

ღKerry Comeyღ said...

lek ah kama
aku siap penah kene tengking sbb offer tempat duduk kat pakcik tue tak sedar diri tu
lagik la saket ati
ko kira baek nk smack die dgn bag ko tu
aku rs cam nk buat2 jatoh n tolak pakcik tue tu kuat2..ahahhahahah
*evil laugh*