Friday, July 25, 2008

epal besar!

so much of dieting..
jgn harap la bjaya klo cmni
lst nite after a very tiring n stressful day
i slept super early but in d middle of the nite
i woke up feeling hungry s i dreamt of someone barbecuing
weirdo me, i noe

then i continued sleeping n once again..i dream of food
mmpi mkn nasik beriyani ngan ayam goreng berempah
ape kes??!

then bgn subuh pstu xleh tdo dh dis morning since i've got use to wake up early for classes
went blog hopping then i came to this one blog where there's a pic of donuts
yummilicioussss big apple donutss
trs rse nk mkn donut
hari ni jgak!!

so i smsed someone to accompany me eating these cutiesss pg2 buta tu

1 for me n 1 for u
mkn 2pieces of donut each sbb dh mkn laksa b4 tu

nk sikit??

oh yes, b4 tht we watch the movie
'the dark knight'
my verdict : 5 out of 5
i always like batman
he's mysterious, manly n most importantly..he's filthy rich!

'of kos u wudnt need a batpod in the broad daylight'
'lamborghini then..'
actually there was a few sentences tht caught my attention
p lupe abes since i was too absorbed watching the scenes
n joker mmg sgt jahat
he even produced another 'evil' okk

then after muvi jln2 then we came across this robot
((robot ke? tah..bantai sajee))

mcm askar ((or is it emperor)) in the china dulu2 kn

the robot thingy walk n even dance okk
thts d man whu control the robot with the coloured wand in his hand tu

mcm jakun kn kami?
saje tgk org ramai2 kerumun..i also want to bkerumun jgak
dh de org melayan perangai aku..lg le ske je

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