Sunday, July 27, 2008


i'm suppose to finish up my presentation slides n report
n submit it to the other group member
by today..i repeat, today
but still havent start anything yet
mls gile la
leh x aku nk ckp yg aku demam n x larat nk wt so anta kt die esok time class je?
keji disitu..

aku memerlukn aura kerajinan
rajin la
rajin la
rajin la
((tgh mandrem ks rajin..))

oh btw, sape leh tlg siapkn homework reactor design ku?
satu soklan je
i'm not in d mood for mathematical stuff rite now
so is there anyone out there whu is kind enuf to siapkn keje tu for me?
ngeh ngeh ngeh

oh sh*t!!
now i remember i also need to write an essay on efficiency of browian diffusion
k la
later peeps!

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