Tuesday, July 29, 2008

qada' tdo

today i qada' all my tdo
((s if xcukup tdo knn..hiks~))
i was sooo tired ysterday eventho my mom pick me up from uni
so i dun have to take buses n tren
but since i was driving home ysterday..so mybe thts y i felt so tired
((br drive kejap dh kecoh..hiks~))
penat wooo
smlm pose then tghari rajen p stdy kt lbry yg cm toooot (censored)
then i had lab sumore in d afternoon

so today, woke up for subuh prayer
then continue sleeping
woke up at 9
then smbung blk
then later at 11
bgn mkn kek borak2 ngn mak
smbung tdo blk
smpi la kol 2.50cmtu
tu pon actually xleh bukak mate
but i force myself to get out of the bed n shower n solat sume
then had my lunch while watching tv
so now..here i am
typing this entry
bosan, i noe
n i'm suppose to finish up my essay n report
mls sgt sbb pns
pale pon weng2
klo landing ni leh je ttdo blk ni
((teruk nye!!))

xleh ikut sgt napsu tdo
have to finish all the esaimen
oh btw, mek..dh siap ke soklan aritu
((hiks..i asked baity to siapkn soklan unit operation))
xreti le nk kire2
nway..thx baity
i'm waiting for ur ans


ty said...

selamat bt keja skolah!!

Cik Kmar said...

fuyooo... ko nye kemampuan utk tido masih power smpai skrg. itu adalah 1 bnde yg aku respek psl ko sb aku xle buat cmtu.

chaiyok2 blaja k. hiks~