Sunday, August 3, 2008


hi peeps!
sori 4 d long silence
((s if u guys been waiting for me 2 update this blog..))

so yeahh..
wasnt in a farking gud mud recently due to certain things
but hey!
i'm gud now
=) ((smiling ear to ear))

oh rite
jst remembered someone told me tht she usually update her blog whenever she feels stress, down, serabut, not in d farking gud mud
but not me
dunnoe y
i cant rite when i'm sad
but i can when i'm angry
grrrr ((tbalikkn meja))
xde kne mengena..ahaha

so nway
lots of stuff happened since..hmm
since i didnt write ((obviously))
n lots of thing gonna happen too
so those getting married or already married
nadh n madue..may u guys find happinesss forever
bahagia ke anak cucu cicit coet sume
n to those graduating
congrats too

wuts else ya?
tu je kut
i'll update more on wut i've missed these couple of days in the next entry
so..happy wiken all~


ty said...

dah abis mak ko g mngedar kad jemputan kawen?
selamat pengantin baru ye!!!

cik-b said...

slmt pengantin baru kpd kawan2 saye yg akan melangsungkn perkahwinan dlm wktu tdekat
saye lmbt lg
xmo langkah bendul
kne tunggu baity tawen ngn abg sayam dulu