Sunday, August 3, 2008

stdy kt lbry

ok..nk cte pengalaman stdy kt lbry yg tooooot *censored*
happened lst monday actually
i was fasting on tht day so i decided to spend my lunch time at the lbry
was thinking of doin some serious reading
since i still havent read or refresh my mind on the things tht i've learnt b4
so yeah..i went la to the main lbry
((since tht was the nearest lbry to my lecture class))
near pon xde la near sgt
lebey kurg dr CS to Safeway kut
cume jln x stret la
have to walk pass thru car park, nek bukit turun bukit
mmg mcabar la
n not to mention..dibwh sinaran mentari yg mcanak2 atas pale
so yeah..i've got myself a very gud sun bathing session almost everyday

ok then s i walk into the lbry..have to show my stdnt card
my temporary student card was a piece of A4 paper
((ridiculous, i noe))
n so i've got to fished thru my folder casing to get the sh*t of paper
to show it to the person at the front table whu is doing nothing except asking the stdnt to show their card
oh yeah..i'll be able to collect my permanent card tomorrow
so more A4-sized student card!

ok then i went straight to level 2
coz i've seen some reference books there
but mind u..none were related to my course
felt like..wth kn?
penuh buku2 tah ape2 je
so i went to browse thru the online catalogue
komputer sume penuh!!
stress je
its clearly stated there tht the pcs were meant for browsing the catalogue but some ignorant or perhaps, they dunno how to read, simply use the pc to check their email n stuff
pelik kn?
so fine la..
aku pon nk tunjuk terer la
trs p redah je section buku2 yg byk2 tu
without any reference number in hand
last2 merayau2 smpi sesat dlm tu
padan muke aku

rak2 buku yg ku terjah

byk gile buku2
or shud i say racks?
but sadly i found tht most of the books for arts or humanitarian kot
tah la..xtau nk classify
but i noticed tht the collection r like super ancient ones
sgt menyedihkn la
perhaps this main lbry mcm Baillieu kut
but Baillieu ade je science books
p kt sini..*sigh*
i tried to ask the lbrian but most of the information desks were empty
no one attending the counter
haihh..lapa sgt kut
sume p lunch bramai2

so since i cudnt find the books tht i've been loking for n dun wanna waste my time searching
i decided to sat somewhere n read my previous lecture notes
oh yeahh...satu mende yg bek ttg lbry ni
sgt kosong
byk gile kusi meja but xde org pon
sgt senyap smpi jln pon kne kaber2 xleh bunyi ketak2 kasut takut mganggu org2
p snyp sgt..rse cm ttekan sbb xleh nk ckp dgn suara biase
kne bisik2
nmpk sgt suke bising2 kt lbry cm jakun

lbry yg kosong
kdg2 agak msteri nusantara sket rse

hmm, nape aku ske complaint ah?
xtah la
byk sgt yg xkne kt sini
keadaan class xbest
org x best
facilities x best
p sbnrnye..
i miss melb!!
i miss percy baxter, biomed, frank tate, union hse
i miss bev, paul gooley, Ian, n sape si janggut santa tu? lupe plak

i miss the jengkelmates
i miss safeway n big w
i miss bourke ngn smith st
i miss dfo, melb central
i miss charles n keith, 7 angels, BnT, cotton on, Duchess, Jay Jays
((ehh..apsl byk miss kedai2 je ni?))


ehh..aku dh lupe byk mende la
ni msti sbb semut durjana yg berenang2 dlm air sirap aku ni
dhla..nnt lagi sedey jd nye


ty said...

x nak smbung ayat kat bawah tu ke dgn
' i miss zaity too'
bajet pasan plak..
nway td kuar makan kfc dgn wanie
ade ayam hot spicy tuuu
x cm ko bleh makan ayam kfc hot n spicy selalu :(

ty said...

ehh lupa plak nak tnye ni..
since ko selalu sun bathing g skolah..
ko msti dh rajin mandi kan skang?
x cm masa kat melben dulu..

cik-b said...

org mmg rajen mndi okkk
tu exception
winter n lgpon mse tu water heater kt umah kn rosakkk
saje je tau baity niiii
oh nway, org pon dh lame xmkn kepsi
sbb cm dh muak
nk mkn pizza or pasta la
nk pasta malaysiana buatan baity la
baity kn rajen masakkk