Saturday, August 30, 2008

banjir kilat

last wednesday sgt horrible ok
it was raining from around 3 pm till late at nite
mse kol 4-5pm tu
hujan sgt mcurah2
langit mcm tgh menangis

at first i was kinda excited
coz i luve heavy rain
sejuk..n tah
there's this one indescribable feelings
sbb dulu i always miss dis kind of rain when i was in melb
but since hujan mkin mganas n cm xmo berenti2
i felt kinda worried
trs sms mak yg tgh on d way to fetch me from class
suh mak bhati2 dijalan raya
coz i noe tht she cant see well if its raining
then s a result, she was stuck abt 1-2km outside um coz dh banjir
ok long as she's alright then i wudnt mind waiting

kelas finish at around 5..i waited for nearly 2hours
smpi kol 7.15pm cmtu smpi the person in-charge dh nk tutup bangunan dh
then only mak arrived
she said tht 3 kancil stranded in front of the guard house
plus 1 rapidkl
ganas kn hujan kt msia
but i still love it
so since dh masuk magrib n jalan masih jam
kitorg solat siap2 kt uni then headed home at 8pm cmtu
this time around we try using another jalan highway but still
jammed everywhere
biase la kl mmg cmtu kn
but luckily, we arrived safely at 9pm cmtu wpon mak bwk sgt slow n kitorg gelak2 cm ape mse dh nk smpi plaza tol sg buloh
gelak2 over some merapu jokes

still early n hujan tgh mcurah2

nmpk x cm bkabus?
p sbnrnye air hujan tu

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