Sunday, August 31, 2008

selamat hari merdeka

hi peeps~
its 31st august already
so s u all know...its merdeka day
so selamat menyambut hari merdeka to all msian
no matter where u r

so wut did u guys do on merdeka eve?
i noe some have a blast last nite
n even today itself
s for me..
this is wut i do..

i'm writing my report during merdeka eve
even till today..
i'm still doing it
pening pale guee~

papers n stuff everywhere
ni pon dh kemas sket
if not, lg berterabur
lg semak

ok..meja study menten semak
br leh concentrate
klo x..x cukup bhn mentah

i noe..i noe
i'm such a no-life person
pg ni pon xde kuase nk tgk perarakan merdeka
in fact, td tgk tv sbb de casa impian je
then smbung wt keje
i was hoping to finish this report by today
since i wanna study for the test
but it seems tht i still got lots to do
dunno if i manage to finish it by tonite
nway..u guys have a gud wiken n a gud cuti merdeka k
tc peeps~

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