Thursday, August 7, 2008

sedang sakit

hi ppl!
sowie la
i'm currently not in d mood to write
well yg sebetulnye, xde mnde nk ditulis
selain dr penyakit yg melanda diri ini
penyakit malas
;p hiks~

actually mls nk wt keje skola
sbb xreti nk jawap
this afternoon dh le ade kelas bioprocess
soklan yg lecturer kasi satu pon x bjawap
all my attempt to ans the Q stop after i've finished drawing the figures and listing all the information given
sgt susah n sgt x reti
so skrg sgt riso klo lecturer marah karang
p dh x reti nk wt
nk wt cmne kn?

oh yeahh..
i'm gonna blog abt the convocation thingy thts currently happening in um
i noe quite a few uni in msia and those in DownUnder are having their convocation ceremony
examples are the university of adelaide
((congrats intan on ur graduation))
university of melbourne also will be having graduation ceremony this august
so..congrats to cik kmar too
not to forget, cik buss whose already in melaka
attending her convocation at Utem, congrats nyah!

hmm, wut else ya?
k more pics on um's convocation will be uploaded soon
if i have d mood, tht is..
very the lazy laa
k la
till then

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