Thursday, August 7, 2008

wif style

kongkang wif style

i think this suits me for now

no no...
i didnt mean kongkang s in the real kongkang
but more to the perumpamaan
u guys get wut i mean?

dont ask me y
but after given the inspiration by baity
i think i kinda like the idea

pls note the : ~wif style~ at the back tu
mcm la aku stylo mylo sgt
p whu cares aite?

u mind ur things...n i'll take care of mine

p/s : no one can replace my jengkelmates n my besties

1 comment:

ty said...

This is such an honour to credit me as ur inspiration for that so-called-coolness-title-kongkang-wif-style:)

and again i repeat ( baca dgn emphasize tone) to YOU and jengkelmates especially MR FENDI and MR MEGAT MUNCET
my name is ZAITY not mc baity..
or make it short simple and sweet as ty..

Thank you