Sunday, September 7, 2008

mood yg tah hape2

today mood aku tunggang langgang
but at first in d morning x terase sgt coz i was too absorbed with lecture notes n report
((sile jgn x caye))
then tghari cm slow sket coz i'm too tired alredi i guess
then i decided to take a short nap for 30min
but s usual..msti extend till 1hr pny
ttbe tdo tghari ni sgt sedap n sejuk
maybe sbb cuace mendung but x hujan
then ptg x semena2
cuace yg pns mjadi gloomy
bsame gloomy nye aku
aku mendungggg je =(

org kate klo tgn kanan gatal2..means nk dpt duit
kalo mate garit2 means nk nangis
p aku dh btakung dh air mate
kejap2 rse nk nangis
nape ek?
de org kaye nk pinang aku ke?
ahahaha..tetibee je

anyhoo..i snapped a few pics of the clouds
i noe its not related in anyway to my current emotion
but whu cares?
nmpk cantik je awan2 ni
klo dpt makan mesti sedap
((dugaan bulan pose..sume nk dimkn))

cantik kn?
mcm fairy floss
hmm..lame x mkn fairy floss

ehh..tetibe ade kucen degil yg sesat
mengade btul
rse cm nk sekeh je si payed ni

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