Tuesday, September 2, 2008


just finished my report
siap print sume
total 16pages
xpnh2 wt report setebal ni
((habis mantap le kunun))
krg leh anta
then i can focus on the coming test *die laaa*

oh yes, nxt week still have another 6 reports to submit
but worry not coz its nothing like microb's
pendek2 je report ni
so hopefully i can finish it on time coz next week i'll b having another test too
wish me luck peeps~

k la
nk smbung tdo
sgt pnt ni n xcukup tdo
((trust me, i give a lot of effort doing this report..so hopefully i'll get gud mark))
klo x..meroyan kang!
hiks x la..
k la.. tata~

1 comment:

Cik Kmar said...

tahniah krn bjaya mhabiskn assignment yg berupa lab report 16pages.

mak aih gile ko smpai 16 pages. cuak plk aku dgr.