Saturday, December 27, 2008

twilight series

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mybe some of u have already watched the movie or atleast heard of it some where rite?
n guess what, the story not only available in the movie, but also in the book
a series of book in fact, twilight , new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn

when i watched this movie
i didnt noe tht it was based on fiction, romance story written by the author, stephanie meyer
n my 1st impression of the movie was BORING
the story was kinda slow n gloomy in the beginning
n not to mention, the lead actor wasnt so handsome
what with ugly red lip (its really weird on him..sheeshhh)..and those sickening faces tht he always made
but after reading the 1st book, twilight, then only i understand
edward cullen was suppose to be one of the most beautiful male vampire ever exist and his characteristics was suppose to be cool and charming
but i guess, edward cullen from the movie was an understatement of the beautiful male vampire depicted in the book
*hehe..this is merely my opinion tho*

among all the 4 books
i like the last book, breaking dawn the most
surely all the 4 books worth reading and trust me
u wudnt want to drop the book unless u've finish reading them
(but in my case, i keep clicking next since i downloaded the books)
the stories are simply entertaining n since i always knew tht vampires are cool (from watching an interview with a vampire) so i always have this 'thing' for vampires
i like movies, books about vampires
but i must say tht luckily they didnt exist (otherwise human population will severely affected..or atleast my existence will be affected..ohok2) n surely i cudnt sleep..*takot2*

but i wonder how come malay ghosts were all potrayed as ugly and scary with long hair, ugly faces and cloths and smell like tin spirit but vampires can be breathtakingly beautiful and handsome?
*well, its not tht i have ever encounter one of them..nauzubillah. xyah la tunjuk muke korg dpn aku*
n not to mention, vampires, or atleast the cullens are all filthy rich
*edward gave alice a yellow porche so tht she babysat bella while he went hunting*
how bout tht?
*hohoh..i wnt rich vampires toooo*

well, since i'm a muslim n we have our own belief
surely there's no vampire, what more a beautiful, rich, vegeterian vampires
but i cant help to think tht how lucky it is to bella swan

u guys shud read these books
sangat best i tell uuuu
*xnk bce pon aku dulik ape..jnji aku dh bce.ohok2*


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