Thursday, January 29, 2009

another taggie tag

been tagged again n dis time by cik kmar

so here, i must then tag 6 other people
so those lucky peeps are..... *drengggg...drum roll*

  1. cik jamie
  2. cik syu
  3. cik mael
  4. cik lisa
  5. cik kiah
  6. saiful apek
here are the questions
1) what do you know about 1?
~ well, jamie? she's a genius ok xde la genius mcm albert enstein but she certainly sgt pandai n aku slalu tiru lab book die dulu..*hohoho*

2)what would u do if u never met 2?
~ well, i never met her b4. as in face to face, i got to know her via cyberspace. aite syu? p tanpa syu, xleh la aku merapu merepek dikala kebusanan dan kesepian bile sepiah xmo lyn. kn syu kn?

3)what would you do if 3&4 date u?
~well, i would called myself chick magnet la kot but in a lesbian way. goshh..geli aku memikirkn nye. ahahaha..sori la korg, aku msih mcintai llki. *ohok3*

4)would 5&6 made a good couple?
~ hihihi...dunnoe. ask them la. *sori kiah*

5)do you know everything abt 3's family?
~ hm.not really but i know tht her family is in kelantan. kn mael?

6)tell me something abt 6?
~belakon cte sifu&tongga n my sis gile nk g tgk kt cinema. aku x tingin pon nk tgk

7)what language does 2 speak?
~ malay n english. but i think she also did some japanese. kn syu?

8)whu is 3 going out with?
~ someone far far farrrrrr awayyyy...

9) how old is 4?
~ we r april babes. same age with me!

10) 5?
~ her too

11) who is 6's fav singer?
~hmm..nnt nk cr biodata die dulu ek

12) 1?
~ hm, mybe rihanna, secondhand serenade..wut else jamie?

13) is 4 single?
~ r u lisa?hee..i dunnoe but she got surrounded mostly by XY chromosome kt sane.rite?

14)what is 3's last name?

15)what u consider being a relationship with 1?
~ friendship. she's my friend. i dun think a.e will approve her being my lesbo partner. kn jamie?

16)what are u talk abt?
~ i'm talking abt shit!

17)what school did 2 go to?
~ she's currently in mmu melaka

ok siap!


sya_sakura said...

wahh.. so in summary, i'm just a friend whom u used to copy-paste the lab notebooks from, and cannot be a lesbo partner with, coz A.E wont allow. Ahaks.. lawak la ko kama.. tp cm geli je lesbo.. hahahaha...

kama said...

ohh byk lagi yg xleh reveal antare ko n aku
kite kn byk memori daun pisang bsama
mne leh kecoh2 kt sini kn?

oh ye..aku teringat asam pedas yg ko msak mse aku sibuk copy lab notebook ko dulu
bile nk msak lg ni?
tbe2 mengidam masakn ko