Friday, February 20, 2009

hati kering

aku pon xtau sgt mksud sbnr tajuk tu
p org ckp..tu yg pls seswai mgambarkn keadaan aku skrg
well, no comment

nway, lately ni
i was bombarded with surprises
one after another
hm, u wudnt call it bombarded la kn since not all are bad ones
n some of them, i've expected pon akan blaku, sooner or later
tho i never expected it to be tht easy
i mean..easy to happen
but some are great one and it even makes my day today
n seriously..

i'm impressed!

from tht, i totally agree with
u shud never judge a book by its cover

awesome-ness la kamu

nway, i was so exhausted today
but thts gud
everything seems to cooperate with me
to keep me occupied
n i really need to be occupied so tht i wudnt think abt wut i shudnt think abt
*ok u dun have to understand. its nothing really important. n trust me, its even silly ..ok mybe thts my ego saying but wtf..i cudnt care less*

ok thts it
i might end up talking nonsense nnt
so mybe i shud call it a day
nitey nite peeps~



*Kerry Uh La La said...

babe...nape ni..
im here for u okayy..:)

nway,aku pun bnyk unexpected thing happens kat aku lately.

mcm ko ckp "its soo funny seeing how ppl change,the timing was so fast"
yg kat post b4 neh.

nway.pape ym eh :)

kama said...

nothing, really
i'm fine
cume bese blja
n aku nk ikut mmbe aku blk melb
p xlehhhhhhh