Saturday, February 21, 2009


beginilah nasib org yg dilahirkn sbgai sorg yg buta IT
xreti lgsg nk edit2 code yg complicated sket
*complicated la bg aku yg buta IT ni kn*

i was trying to put a song from imeem to this page
unfortunately the width for the gadget was a bit too long for it to be inserted in the sidebar column
n being one IT-bimbo tht i am
obviously i cudnt figure out how to lengthen the sidebar la kn
luckily i wasnt born a dumb-ass so i manage to kecikkn the gadget n the result u ask?
kotak lagu tu mcm tbantut tumbesaran nye
mcm sort of tkepit pon ade

ok ok..
i allow u to laugh ur heart out at my dumbness

p korg leh ke edit??
*angkat2 kening*
kalo berani cube leeer

okla..s long s u cn hear the music, so ok la kn
sedap lagu ni
i very the laike
n since the rupe is not to my liking, i have to put the song box at the very bottom of the sidebar column spy korg xnmpk sgt akn keburukkn nye
*such a brilliant idea!*

nway..have a gud day peeps~


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