Tuesday, March 3, 2009

daily ramblings

jst some notes
  1. if u r taking public transportation to work, pls dont bring a refrigerator-sized bag along with u, especially if it at the peak hours n everyone were squeezed under some smelly armpits. if u need to bring every shirt, pillow case, hup seng crackers and what not together with u to the office, it is advisable if u jst move in into ur office. in tht way, u'll save some pity commuter from being smacked down with ur heavy, hard backpack. n pls, restrain urself from moving quite too often in the crowded trains or buses.
  2. pls mind ur every limbs, u might require them for later use so pls keep ur hands and feets off someone else's body. u might not wnt unwanted scene to happen where u r thrown out of buses or trains etc by other concern passengers. worse case, u might end up with broken limbs.
  3. if possible, it is advisable if u take a bath or at least apply some deodorant onto ur underarms so that other passengers wont suffer so much in a crowded buses or trains. but nothing can be done if u r required to visit some sh*tty place before getting on board of trains etc.
  4. pls restrains urself from staring at other people. havent u heard that its rude to stare at people?
thts all for now. have a pleasant journey!


Cik Kmar said...

i agree. these things happen during peak hours for public transport. and what can we do. we just have to be patient. *sigh*

kama said...

thts y.
aku rse skrg aku byk gile bsabar
klo x, mau aku hentak jntans gile yg suke meraba
klo takat kne lggar ngn org bwk beg bsr ok lagi, kne stare ngn org poyo pakai sunnies dlm tren pn ok jgak lg
iskk..psycho la org2 msia ni!

Anonymous said...

OMG so true. I love big handbag, ko tau boleh jadi weapon nak ketuk pakcik2 gatal dalam tu? aku prefer naek cab jer dari naek lrt sebab lagi murah and crowd-less. Well, ko tak sound ker orang yg stare ko tu? Aku benci orang yg suke menjeling aku/ peeking at/ eavesdropping on me anytime aku kena cakap on the phone dalam tu. Gomen kena la pakai 4.4mil allocated untuk enhance public transport tu tambah train ker lrt ke. Benci2. Aku dah dekat KL dah. Jom shopping clutch same2. Dekat f21 nak? =)

kama said...

hah!better pakai mace.puas ati sbb suke sgt pndg2
tu la aku bodo sgt
patutnye marah la kn org stare2 ke pndg2 ke
p aku jeling pstu aku wt bodo
bile? skrg aku bz sket.
tggu aku dh free sket ko roger aku k

sya_sakura said...

ahaha.. mmg busuk giler ok kadang2 naik train pastu ada org angkat tangan nk pegang tiang kat atas tu.. *beware of smelly armpits!* haha..