Thursday, March 12, 2009

entry no 200

wah. diam x diam dh 200 entry ade dlm blog ni
n for tht also i got something to announce

maybe..or maybe not
this will become my last entry

tomorrow i'm goin to maxis center to terminate my broadband subscription
td oboy mengamuk kt org maxis sbb org maxis x update payment die n still ckp ade payment yg pending
then when he called service center, he was transferred to nearly 10 ppl to 'assist' him with tht matter n of kos, akhirnye mcm xde penyelesaian
so to conclude.

internet subscription will be terminated!

if u ask me, i'll admit tht i'm an internet addict
sejak kt melb i sort of cant live without internet
ok, no need to go to tht detail but yes, i'll miss internet

actually i'm already decided to terminate the subscription after abes stdy ni since for now i'll need internet for my assignment etcs
but since byk jgak la prob psl internet ni n i'm not the one paying, so..kne ikut ckp big boss

so if after today no entry uploaded here, meaning tht i cant access internet n most probably i'll close down this blog too
so to all, be happy n dun miss me (as if!.haha)

but mybe, i'll subscribe to another provider or open up a new account using someone else's name
like for now, the internet is under my name but oboy is paying for it
so mybe after this will use emak's name but still oboy will be paying

so fingers cross la ek

pape pon, luv u peeps
*no internet doesnt mean ur world jst ended. heh*


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