Saturday, April 4, 2009

another day in paradise

today's plan was canceled
apparently dyen has something to do while thangie could only make it in the afternoon
which left me n maggot with no particular agenda
well, i do have one
i wnna watch shopaholics
but thinking of our previous movie sessions
i rather not going coz he'll definitely spoils it by criticizing other people and its hard not to laugh at that since everything was so funny and true
besides, ape kejadah aku nk p minum2 smpai sunway?

so maggot, nxt time remember blnje minum kt coffee house hotel sunway n bukannye blnje bilik hotel kt sunway
(oh i forgot to tell dyen abt tht one. must inform baity first. jaga ko!)

so anyway, since i'm not going anywhere today
must finish or do assignment la
so far, 40% yeast assignment is completed.
okla tu considering that i slept 2 hours after typing approximately 1 page
(nampak sgt la byk tdo dr buat keje kn?)
then, tht left me with half of yeast and two other assignments

there's one test on monday and it already gives me headache
(punye la byk nk bce aku rase mcm nk meletup kepala)
another test was potponed till study leave
(baguskn?xyah la ks aku stdy for exam. biar aku tkontang kanting)

but that was ok
i can cope with tht *fingers cross*

oh i forgot to tell that i skipped another class last thursday
once u skip ur class, u'll tend to repeat it over and over again
its soooo addictive i tell u

well this is how it happen
i've got no class on wednesday
so tht day i went the hosp and straight away to Jln Tar for some secret mission
(its a girl thing so no need to know. u'll know when the time comes. suspense?)
it was very tiring n i dont know why all of a sudden
my legs or should i say my betis were aching
lenguh2 like i was walking for 10km n i swear i didnt walk into every shops at jln tar tu
(or..was i?)

then later that nite, i told emak tht i wanna ponteng tomoro's cls
but then mak x ks
ok fine..i'll go la eventhough i was so freaking lazy coz i thought the cls start at 9 and there'll be another cls in the afternoon
then when i woke up for subuh prayer, went inside emak's room n buat muke kesian a bit

'makkkk...xlarat la nk g cls.kaki sakit x tau apsl'
(muka still muke kesian gile2 kalah muke kucin shrek.)
'mak pon sakit kaki ni. ha xyah la g cls. jom smbung tdo lg'
(wah. pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang).
after bodek2 dgn menyapu ubat n picit2 sket kaki mak
i took my bath then start buat kerja
sms-ed my clasmate. told them that i wont becoming to cls bla bla bla

then later that nite
i was told that the cls was actually starts at 11 tho the lecturer already mention lst week tht we r suppose to start at 9
then afternoon cls was canceled
so i was like..yeay!
finally, ponteng cls is bringing me byk kebaikan
so who told u ponteng cls isnt good?

so all in all, aku bercuti since wednesday till esok la
n from tht, i shouldnt be having any prob since there are plenty of time for me to finish atleast one assignment and stdy for test, no?
but knowing me..
of course la aku x sempat pon nk buat sume2 tu

now, still struggling with yeast ni and stdy pon masih half way
i bet the test would be hard *sigh*
but, just pray tht i'll manage to pull it through ok
xsanggup ni

okla..better get back to work


ty said...

ermm..kenapa dengan belanja bilik hotel sunway?


kama said...

ouh. sbb die kn menjengkelkn


Cik Kmar said...


kama said...

wah. ade impak misteri nusantara.