Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word

to whom it may concern

so finally, i managed to finish this proposal after sooo long
at first was planning to submit last monday
and now, seems like i'll only be able to submit it tomorrow

this also means that i'll be able to check my result too

seyes cuak tahap kodok coz i know i didnt study well this semester
its not like i dont want to stdy
i just cant..

too much of things been bugging me this semester
all in all..i was able to pull it through till the end and hopefully my result wont be that bad la


actually, i've got a lot in my mind
thought to share them here
but i cant seem to bring myself to type it here
maybe partly because i'm currently feeling guilty

ok la
malas nk merapu
seyesly not in the mood


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