Monday, July 20, 2009

kisah tentang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan

time flies so fast. maybe because it boarded the air force one. or could it be one of the HCT from angels and demon tht goes mac15?
i wouldnt know. but its been 5 months already.

life been treating me well. or pretty well i should say. apart from being a lil bit busy, i also tend and hope to keep myself busy. last week was one busy week for me. busy jalan2 mencari pasal bersama rakan2.

lst saturday went to melaka. attended kak shu's wedding near umbai. too bad we didnt stay to feast ourselves with ikan bakar terapung. but we had fun taking pic and brushing our knowledge on melaka's history.

oh yes, went to melaka with nora ada fifo and our burmese fren, phyu. thts why we went to all the historical place tho i'm not that keen. would u fancy a walk up the a famosa hill under the scorching sun at 3pm? i would rather eat my cendol at nearby stall. oh talking abt cendol, we went to the red building stadhuys or how ever they spell it and there's a cendol stall but i bought abc instead. weird huh? been wanting melaka cendol for so long but opted for abc at last.

damn tired but the experience rather exciting. but i hate travelling by car at highways nowadays. dunno why. probably coz i have more time reminiscing abt a lot of disturbing stuff. spoil my mood only. luckily went with frens so we had a great time mengumpating and karok-ing all the way.

today i came to lab as usual only to know that Dr already told us lst friday to come in the afternoon for gel making. lucky ada willing to accompany me having breakfast at rumah u but the food was tak sedap but i finished all. heh.

ok la. i've lost my semangat already. according to ada, Dr is our semangat now. sheesh. tht would really defecting our purpose of having semangat. but nevermind la. wouldnt care anymore.

then later thot of having our lunch in 6th coz huny wanted to join. sadly the cooks are on leave and they didnt do goreng2 during lunch hour. so sad since kenot drink air tembikai. so fifo very the baik ati brought us to ali cafe dunno where and we all had air sedap but the food was not so sedap after all. tho one of the waiter looks like rangga. hah.

later went straight home and i really need a good sleep but 2 cd from nora tempted me into watching. so i spent the evening playing farmtown and watching drama. now feels so tired and sleepy. should i go sleep now?

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