Friday, July 17, 2009


just woke up from sleep and feel like writing something here.

i was soo freaking tired today. and no, its not because of labworks. we've finished preparing the sample for drying at around 11 am if i'm not mistaken and we simply cabut from lab despite that Dr was there discussing abt assay methods with the other group. not only i felt bad coz didnt stay and pretend to be the budak baik and skema and learn coz all i know at that time was the wedges are calling my name. so yes, i persuaded fifi to leave. fifi, adakah aku perlu rasa bersalah?

after fetching ada, we went to 12th to have our ayam bijan and cendawan goreng but sadly the kedai was closed today. another reason that made me terkenang and could not continue my sleeping now. heh, drama queen gile disebabkn cendawan goreng and ayam bijan.

after lunch, we went to sg wang again. this time around we are shoe hunting. went into nearly all kedai and the bajus were damn cheap and i dont know why they are all so comel. damn u bajus. tempting me into buying and now i regret not buying any. ok tipu sebab beli satu and rasa menyesal sbb beli satu je. but of course i cant buy many many coz i'm looking for kasut cantik lawa sexy sedap pakai dan dan jumpe banyak tapi some were too tinggi and some were too diva and and ahhhh..banyak laa.

then since couldnt find one at sg wang, jalan pulak to times sq. damn penat i tell u and damn i want to buy all the bajuss. and the wedges tht i've been aiming tiada dalam pasaran times sq and sg wang. so now must go back to midV and hopefully they still have it in store. pls la ade, if not, i'll terbalikkan midV tu. wahh, kuatnye aku. mkn ubat kuat ke? kang jd kama hebat pulak. opss. hihih.jk.

so yes, i couldnt sleep bcoz terkenang wedges cantik sedap dipakai dan cendawan goreng. dan dan dan.. opss. acah je labu. pls la datang esok if not till next week la akan terkenang. opss i did it again. ok ok. abaikan.

seriously this week been a very tiring one coz spending too much time berjalan2. and time flies so fast and i almost forgot that today is friday already. and tomorrow, i want cendol jonker st pls. pity geng sedut coz having me the tekak buaya as a fren. now must go find cendol in melaka. eh, the new kfc chikaroni sedap gile full of cheese. so to all cheesy lover, go have one. sedap. sgt berbaloi. and dont forget to kenyit2 mata with the adik kt kaunter coz probably he'll add extra extra cheese. oppss.

okla. wanna sleep again. my kaki hurt and lenguh2. okla okla.


p/s: for piccas, pls refer to Ada or Fifi's blog. pic taken using fifi's new W890i. hiks.

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Ahmad Firdaus Haikal Arham said...

penatkan jalan2 nie...aku collapse hari jumaat lepas...sgt!!!!!huhuhu